Congressman Van Drew Talks New Jersey Fishing Regulations

NJ Congressman Jeff Van Drew (JVD) called into the SHEP ON FISHING radio show, WOND 1400 am, on FEB 16.

Since 1941, NJ had little to NO representation when it came to fishing and farming. WTF. Those are major parts of our economy. Listen to the audio clips.


Neglected all those years….NJ fishing & farming. The one thing NJ did NOT ignore, was building on every square inch of the Jersey shore. Over-development.

Nobody from New Jersey, or the entire east coast…was on the Natural Resource Committee.

Last time someone from Jersey was on agricultural committee was 1941. For over 70 years, nobody in Washington DC represented New Jersey fishing and farming. Geez.

Finally, some good news to report.

JVD is now on the Agricultural Committee. This is a strong, first step.

Questions for JVD: Can we get money for Drag Island? Fishing, crabbing, bird watching between Somers Point and Beasleys Point.

Van Drew answers: There was a commitment made by the DOT & DEP to do this. This happened during the Christie Administration. Momentum has died out over the years. JVD will speak with budget chairman to see what can be done.

Read more about DRAG ISLAND here.

Note: Congressman Lobiondo did more to dredge environmentally sensitive shorelines for building dunes, than to grow and protect recreational fishing in NJ.

Fishing and hunting is a leading NJ industry. Still waiting for NJ Senator Chris Brown to comment on this critical issue.

Other items discussed on the ‘Shep on Fishing’ radio show:

  • Fishing access on 9th street bridge, Ocean City.
  • JVD is now on that committee. WOW: Water-Ocean-Wildlife
  • Mike Shepard, Robin Scott & Bill Shillingford volunteered to assist JVD in Wash DC.
  • Orgs are slow to deal with fishing regulations. ex: Summer flounder keeper sizes and bag limits.

Van Drew: It’s difficult. A struggle. At both the State & Federal level. Current fishing regs doing more harm than good.

SSC – Special Scientific Committee. A few people make big decisions on the fisheries. They’re destroying the recreational fishing industry.

Maybe JVD can help fix these issues thru legislation or regulation?

Bill Shillingford

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