Congressman Van Drew Urges Governor to Open South Jersey Business

Van Drew

When will the NJ Governor allow small business owners to save their livelihoods and salvage what they can of Summer 2020?

Governor Murphy chasing away small business from New Jersey, says a struggling shop-owner unfairly painted as ‘non-essential’.

Fueling even more anger, Murphy support of thousands marching. But beware, if caught shopping in a ‘non-essential’ store, you and the business will be fined and punished.

NJ Governor Murphy keeping churches, restaurants, salons, gyms, weddings, graduations and funerals shuttered or severely restricted. But Murphy is OK with large scale protesting, even during the current heath scare. Can somebody say ‘double-standard’?

When can we fully re-open? We all want to know, including a NJ Congressman.

Congressman Jeff Van Drew sent yet another letter to the Governor. The following is that letter.

Dear Governor Murphy, Over the course of the last month, I have sent you two letters (May 5th and May 19th) requesting that you ease restrictions on the lives of those who are feeling the pain of your orders. Those letters and requests have gone unanswered.

We have shuttered businesses, destroyed livelihoods, and lost touch with each other.

We need a concrete and exact plan, and an exact timeline for reopening for South Jersey.

We have waited for guidance from you on how to reopen our economy in South Jersey. We have heard next to nothing. We now must wait additional weeks before getting approval for thousands of small businesses to reopen on very unclear terms.

Businesses need to know that the government is not going to shut them down and destroy their lives for trying to make a
living and keeping their families fed.

We listen to the concerns of the owners of restaurants, salons, casinos, gyms, hotels, private pools, and numerous other seasonal and impacted businesses that are struggling every single day because you do not provide exact guidance for them. It is not only unfair to them; it is unfair to the future of South Jersey.

We listen to the concerns of the faithful who would like to attend church services, but there are still no plans put in place to provide a concrete timeline on when church services can begin.

People need to have faith in the darkest of times, and they cannot get an answer on when they can start attending in-person services. We have brought these concerns to your attention multiple times and through multiple mediums.

South Jersey needs a plan and needs answers.

If we do not have a concrete plan and have one soon, we will have no other option but to
organize to keep our economy afloat.

As always, if our office can be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at (202) 225-6572 or at

3 thoughts on “Congressman Van Drew Urges Governor to Open South Jersey Business”

  1. He’s probably following the Cuomo plan, and hasn’t a clue what the shore towns, especially Philly associated shore towns, need and want.

    We’ll wear masks, we’ll be ok. I can’t believe he doesn’t have re-election people advising him that it’s a nail in his coffin not opening up small businesses.

    Buh bye. No one is rooting for you Governor. Enough is enough.

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