Construction Update VIDEO: Ventnor Square Movie Theatre

Construction Update VIDEO: Ventnor Square Movie Theatre 1 Construction Update VIDEO: Ventnor Square Movie Theatre

VIDEO: Snatched away from a date with the wrecking ball. The old Ventnor Twin will soon make a hard-to-believe comeback as the all new, Ventnor Square Theater.

Clinton Bunting, Scott Kaufman, and Brett DeNafo.

Let’s take a sneak-peek walk-thru of the all new, Ventnor Square Theatre, still under construction. VIDEO from AUG 12, 2020.

  • Cutting-edge movie going experience
  • Hi-tech sight & sound
  • Burger bar and adult beverages
  • Premium seating
  • 3 screens
  • Even an elevator

Tough to predict when it will open….. but we’ll guess…. early 2021.

5211 Ventnor Avenue, Ventnor City, NJ

Construction Update VIDEO: Ventnor Square Movie Theatre 2 Construction Update VIDEO: Ventnor Square Movie Theatre


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15 thoughts on “Construction Update VIDEO: Ventnor Square Movie Theatre”

  1. Glenn L. Silverstein Ph. D.

    Love the theatre, but parking is an issue for residents around it…most dont have garages and if Movie goers are allowed to park on the street we will be forced to park blocks from our homes…

  2. Elaine W. Charny

    Sooo exciting…. my first teenage dates In the early 50’s were there-walked from Rosborough Ave.
    wonderful resurrection of special place!
    Good Luck…..

    1. Elaine W. Charny

      Great memories of first teenage dates there in the 50s….grateful for resurrection & efforts put into the project. Good Luck ! ( after the virus gets contained)

  3. I am so thrilled that you are bringing the movies back to Ventnor! I look forward to bringing my daughter and friends to enjoy the renovations and the movies! We will be walking or taking a jitney or a bus! Not everyone is going to park their cars and “make it rough on the neighbors “ who are so worried and worked up about their parking ! Ignore the pettiness and enjoy the beauty of the new and remodeled Ventnor movie theater????

  4. The Last Movie I Saw There Was UNFORGIVEN With CLINT EASTWOOD And MORGAN FREEMAN.The Staff Treated Us So Nice By Giving Us Candy.They Were Trying To Stay Open And I Was Rooting For Them.
    I’m Excited About The Theatre Being Resurrected.I Only How That They Hire Back The Original Staff.They Really Tried Hard To Keep The Original Theatre Open.They Deserve It.

  5. Pamela Dunleavy

    I remember going to the old theater many years ago. Now my grandchildren and I can’t wait until the new theater opens up. ????

  6. Sharon Elenback

    We are so excited that our community will have this beautiful establishment ! Such an enhancement to our neighborhood! Thank you !! Can’t wait for the opening!

  7. What a wonderful Improvement for Ventnor. When so much reconstruction is going on in the housing market it is wonderful to see it also happening in the business world. Hopefully this will be the spark that will make us a premiere Shore Community once again.

  8. Elaine Chalmers

    I went there back in the 50s never should have closed after they opened it again now it looks like they’ve stopped working on it when I passed by a few weeks ago

  9. What happened to the apartments upstairs they were renting back in the day, I remember the wawa in the video, waiting for public transportation to take me back to Margate ( circa 1968-1984 I remember seeing force 10 from have one there as well as blood beach,alligator, private Benjamin,9 to 5,the fox and the hound,…..

  10. My dad, Ed Watson is looking down from heaven just smiling at the memories lmanaging the old Ventnor in the 50 s and 60s.
    I think I see the door handles from the old Embassy theater, thanks to the owners for using them.
    Lane Watson Coyle

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