Could Jetty in Longport Protect Margate, Ventnor, & AC Beaches?

brigantine jetty
Brigantine Jetty

If Longport sees the inherent value in not only repairing existing jetties, but also authorizing a rock revetment, which will drop even larger boulders along the ocean, then why is Longport not vociferously lobbying for a master jetty?

There is simply no better shorefront protection than a master jetty. It would add thousands of feet of new beach, unlike the dunes project, which  will be washed away in less than 45 minutes and require very costly, regular “renourishment.”

The Absecon Inlet master jetty has been a one-time permanent fix that has enormously expanded and protected Brigantine’s beaches.

Since a master jetty would protect all of Absecon Island, the cost to Longport would be minimal since its cost would be shared with the other three towns, which would also greatly benefit from the huge amounts of sand that would backup behind the master jetty.

This is a genuine “betterment project,” which would provide real, permanent shorefront protection for generations to come without subjecting taxpayers to costly dune replacements, especially in years where  there is no federal or state assistance available.

John Sewell, Margate.


brigantine jetty

1 thought on “Could Jetty in Longport Protect Margate, Ventnor, & AC Beaches?”

  1. Jetties do not put any “new” sand on the beach. They just steal from Peter to pay Paul. As much, as I despise the whole so called beach management program foisted on us by the ACOE and the NJDEP the truth is simple, so called “master jetties” ( a made up term) are a nonsense idea for saving beaches. Where they’re built the beach next to them is large but they just starve the beaches down current of them in most places. Absecon Island is a perfect example. The so called “master jetty” on the Brigantine side of the inlet along with the endless dredging done for decades to keep the inlet deep has along with the Absecon Island Inlet jetty robbed Absecon Island of any “natural” nourishment now for over 110 yrs. The beaches of Absecon Island have needed to be artificially nourished by either the State or the Feds since the 1920’s. No master jetty in Longport would have saved the Islands beaches all it would have done is distort the island to look like Wildwood’s and Brigintine’s shape today. In summary, this bogus idea needs to die already it’s nonsense being peddled by people who ignore science and promote these kinds of phony cures just as a carnival barkers sells phony patent medicine cures to the unaware marks they work over.( now done on TV.) Stop already John, you sound like the idiots out here that deny Climate change.

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