Could Shuttered Sack O Subs in Ventnor Re-open Soon?

According to 1400 WOND radio’s Dan Klein, Anthony Sacco, grandson of Fuzzy Sacco, an original owner of Sack O’ Subs in Ventnor, has purchased the building and will re-open the original Sack O’ Subs soon.

Klein says: I want them to get back to doin’ it the way Ralph & Fuzzy did it. They made every sub like they were making it for themselves. That’s why they were so damn good.

WOND’s Prime Time Dan Klein.

Klein: Grill the steak whole. Don’t chop it. And, not too well done. That’s it. That’ll bring back the magic. I’ll certainly be there to try it out when they re-open.

Emily Dinoto: Workers have been offered their jobs back for those curious🙋🏼‍♀️ #staytuned

Matthew West: Anthony has owned and operated the Absecon location for roughly ten years. He’s done a great job with the place, he knows what he’s doing. The Ventnor store is in great hands.

Matthew West: For the record, Fuzzy opened Sack O’Subs in 1969. One year later he brought his brother Ralph in as a partner. They were co- owners.

Norman Gordon: Hope so. Fuzzy and Ralph were legends. Always the best subs around.

Georgina Lee: I’ve eaten many subs there over the last few years. They were the best on the island. I actually had a cheese steak the night the decision to close the next day happened. I’m thrilled they will reopen. It was my go to dinner for work spot.

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