COVID-19 Spawns Hateful Behavior Throughout Downbeach & Jersey Shore

Vandalized for Having PA Plates?

From Margate resident, Jay Weintraub. I wanted to address the terribly sad matter regarding an elderly couple and their automobile which was vandalized.

The perpetrators of this crime are not yet known. An act of hatred to all in Margate. Not just those with Pa tags. Was this a hate crime or just vandalism? I lean toward a hate crime.

They put Margate on the map as a hateful town. I don’t believe that for one minute.

Yes, there’s a small group of people who post on Facebook, spewing hatred toward those they call Shoobies. They use the term in a derogatory way. They don’t speak for all in Margate.

We’re living through very difficult times. Times like these bring out the best in people and unfortunately, the worst in people..

I’m receiving calls and emails from friends asking me if it’s safe to come to Margate and check on their properties. Not to mingle among the general public.


Has Margate become that bad? NO. We are better than that.

My wife and I are now full-time residents of Margate. Registered voters too. Our auto tags are still PA. The tags will be changed as soon as COVID-19 bans are lifted, and NJ State can change our plates.

I wanted to share a sad story.

My wife was driving on Ventnor Ave. a few days ago to visit my daughter and son-in-law in Ventnor. Going to babysit our 4 month old grandchild.

She turned onto Washington Ave. Someone was sitting in their car with the door wide open. No one could drive past. My wife patiently waited for him to close the door. After 5 minutes, she lightly beeped the horn in case he didn’t know he was blocking traffic. I don’t think he cared.

This person then jumped out of his car and made threatening gestures toward my wife. Began making FU gestures with his middle finger. Started screaming at the top of his lungs. Shoobie, get the fuck out of this shore town and go back to where you came from.

Because our tags were not NJ, did he have the right to intimidate and belittle another person?

I had to make a drive to my office in Bucks County, Pa. this past Tuesday. Cars and trucks with New Jersey plates everywhere. We all know Jersey has a much higher COVID-19 rate vs PA. Not one person made remarks or gestures toward those vehicles with out of state tags.

Some in Margate and other towns, are acting out as if they’re special. Do they have the right to yell obscenities, gesture and threaten those from other states?

Was this an act of hatred toward an elderly couple? Done by kids? Adults are acting out too.

We need to come together at this time. Let’s not be a town acting as those back in 1865, North vs South.

Jay Weintraub, Margate Homeowners Association.

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  1. It’s considered a terroristic threat. Next time ( hopefully) the offended individual should call 911. They will be prosecuted at the federal level.
    I need to check on my Margate home. Stories like this concern me.

  2. > I’m receiving calls and emails from friends asking me if it’s safe to come to Margate and check on their properties. Not to mingle among the general public.

    Checking on your beach house isn’t essential business. Call the non-emergency police line and have them check on your property if you’re worried. That’s what Ventnor is doing and it seems to be working. No property is worth someone getting sick or dying over.

    If you have essential business here, by all means come. But don’t come cause your bored and want to get out of the house. That’s just plain old selfish.

    1. I respectfully disagree. I pay them same taxes as a full time resident. My intention is to interact with no one. Just check and leave.

      No one has the right to damage my property because it has PA tag. No one in my primary neighborhood does that to cars with Jersey plates

      1. I agree that the vandalism is terrible, and the police/courts should use the full extent of the law to go after the vandals. That’s not my point.

        Sure, you pay taxes here. Come stay here and don’t leave. Coming and going is what spreads the disease. This isn’t about your house, or your tax money — this is about working together to save as many lives as possible.

        We have tens of confirmed cases on the island now and likely many more unconfirmed. Stopping the current spread will be the biggest challenge I’ve seen in my life. We don’t need to introduce new vectors while we’re fighting this. And that’s what people coming and going do. Don’t help the spread.

        1. taxation without representation

          You’re a total jerk, man. Coming and going doesn’t spread any virus. What the hell is wrong with you?

          1. That’s exactly how the virus is spread and your the jerk for thinking otherwise. Stay in your primary home

      2. It’s amazing to me. The fact that the Mayor and Chief of Police have not condemned this behavior, thus condoning the hate and violence.

        The premise of these “permanent residents” is absurd

        There are many on the outskirts of Philadelphia and NYC like Cherry Hill, whose primary homes are in Jersey, so they have Jersey plates. They’re exempt from harassment?

        Without the seasonal homeowners, there would be no Margate or Ventnor.

        I would guess they pay the lions share of taxes for these towns. They get no representation.

        Hey full time people – don’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg

        BTW-Shoobie is a term for people who do day trips to the beach with lunch in a shoebox and leave. They use the resources and don’t contribute to the area. Your use of the term is misguided.

  3. I’m sure some of these annoyed Downbeach natives fail to connect the dots from shoobies to local business support to reduced property taxes on their homes.

    Their choices of goods and services would be far more limited if not for the dollars that me and my fellow shoobies spend in the community.

    I own my home in Ventnor and demonstrate the same respect to those neighbors as I do to my PA neighbors. If I was a Margate/Ventnor resident, I’d be more concerned about NJ plates coming from off the island.

    PA has better control of COVID spread than NJ. Stop the mindless herd mentality.

    1. With an attitude like Gary’s, no wonder the locals are pissed off. Zero respect for his neighbors.

      We all fully understand the situation here. While you think we’re idiots for not respecting “your tax dollars”, we think you’re an idiot for “spreading a killer disease”.

      This is about “us” surviving. Not “you”, not “your tax dollars”, no one cares about that shit. This island survived long before you, and it will survive long after you.

      1. You assume Gary is not taking care to not get infected nor infect another by not wearing a mask, gloves and not cleaning non-stop like many are. That is quite the assumption.

        Do you seriously think folks are going to their homes and walking about town to spread or pick up the disease? Get out of your own head. Be kind to your neighbors.

        Yes, if he owns a house nearby, he’s your neighbor. Stay well.

      2. I’m a pharmacist. I have my on pharmacy with my son in Phiily. You sit on your ass in Margate doing nothing to help first responders and essential businesses like mine. You just sit there and stay safe.

        You have absolutely NO RIGHT to make comments about anyone. I know what it’s like to walk into danger EVERY DAY. Not because I want to. I have a responsibility to.

        Yes. I PAY TAX DOLLARS in Margate. That does not give anyone the right to damage my property.

        Believe me, I don’t want to spread covid to anyone. I certainly have better odds of being exposed in Jersey. And I would most certainly socially distance myself from as you say ” idiots” like you!

          1. Hey
            Good one Jay. It was used as an illustration not a request for support.
            Go to CVS. Independents don’t need you

      3. Correct me if I’m wrong. Mac says that coming and going to the shore is the factor that helps spreads the virus.

        Assume an owner arrives at his/her house, exits the car, enters the house, and leaves the same way without interacting with anyone. How does that spread the disease? It doesn’t.

        Even with staying at your shore home a concern is that even with take out and delivery service, the shore will not be able to handle the typical influx of summer visitors.

        Also, if summer residents get sick, the shore hospitals will be swamped with Covid-19 cases along with the normal caseload.

        1. “Stay at home” orders mean “stay at home”. Don’t know why that’s so hard to understand. It’s 3 words.

      4. Mac, get a freaking life. No one is spreading the virus. You locals need to be considerate of the people that OWN homes in Margate.

        It’s not your place to tell us when we want to come down. We ARE HOME OWNERS! What is so difficult to understand?

        1. > No one is spreading the virus.

          There’s nearly a million people confirmed infected and 50k dead. What are you even talking about?

      5. Mac, get a freaking life. No one is spreading the virus. You locals need to be considerate of the people that OWN homes in Margate.

        It’s not your place to tell us when we want to come down. We ARE HOME OWNERS! Why is this so difficult to understand?

        1. No, NJ ordered you to “stay at home”, but you’re not doing that. That’s the problem. Why is that so difficult to understand?

          1. Mac, we are being inundated with Jersey and New York vehicles in Pa. Who is obeying the stay at home order?

  4. Why would PA residents want to come to NJ with the 2nd highest number of cases in the country and take the virus back home?

    NJ emergency order is ” stay at home except for essential business”

    Nothing to do with taxes or property owners rights or whether we appreciate your economic support.

    It’s about hunkering down until they can figure stuff out and get a handle on how to deal with a very contagious, and deadly illness. It’s about caring for your fellow humans. Besides, nothing to see here folks; weather is crappy and everything closed.

    As for the car vandalism- nothing like that has happened before or since. I’m thinking it’s not just because the couple was from out of town.

    1. This post from local residents is laughable. There’s been a tremendous amount of construction work continuously on going since this virus started. In Ventnor, Margate and Longport.

      I know for a fact that a lot of these workers are coming from Newark and Edison. Not one person comments on the insanity that someone’s remodel is considered essential. Or that these individuals are commuting every day from the worst area in the country.

      New Jersey as a state should be embarrassed at their lack of respect for this virus. Do as I say, not as I do attitude. Instead, locals like Mac want to spew hatred on homeowners from out of state.

      1. Construction workers have to prove their project is essential. Non-essential construction isn’t allowed. If the city isn’t enforcing that, they should.

        From the sounds of Bryan et al, the city should be enforcing the Stay at Home order on residents too. Sounds like Bryan thinks the order doesn’t apply to him. Sorry, Bryan, you’re not special. Start handing out fines, MCPD.

    2. It would be great if Jersey people would STAY in Jersey. But Jersey people are seen in the Pa midstate specifically Lancaster County, shopping in our grocery stores including Amish grocery stores. Lancaster has one of the highest Covid 19 counts in the state. And it has spread to the Amish community. We havent vandalized your vehicles here. But our police should issue citations. You have the second highest case count in the nation. You guys should stay home.

  5. I too am a Margate part-timer. All summer. I pay taxes 12 months a year. I wonder if the hate-mongers want to refuse the taxes I pay.

    I’m aware of several people who are too stupid to realize the disease spreads… from not wearing masks and gloves. Not from Cars.

    People spread the disease, not cars.

    1. Does your car run on gas? Who fills the tank?

      Did you take the Margate bridge here? How did you pay?

      Do you eat here? Where does the food come from?

      Do you bring things into your beach house? Where did you get it?

      Do you use a sidewalk to get to you house? How many others used that sidewalk in the last hour?

      Did you touch you mailbox? Who puts letter in that box?

      This is the point. The virus doesn’t care if you’re careful 99% of the time. It only needs one mistake to infect you, and then you’ll infect others before symptoms occur. That’s why it’s “essential business only”.

  6. “I am aware of several people who are too stupid to realize the disease spreads from not wearing masks and gloves. Not from Cars. People spread the disease, not cars.”

    Not stupid, but thoughtful. Its doubtful folks would travel 1-2 hours to the shore without needed gas, groceries, restroom, etc. Even if people packed baloney sandwiches, chances are they would stop for food.

    Don’t throw people under the bus because you want to do what you want to do (selfishness)

    1. You choose to call them stupid. I choose to call you woefully misinformed

      1. I use 1 tank so no gas
      2. I intend to stay 1 hour
      3. I do not walk on the sidewalk
      4. I park in MY driveway and walk on MY property
      5. There is NO mail since it comes to Pa
      6. Where do you get your gas
      7. Where do you buy your food
      8. What sidewalk is touched by your feet

      It seems your arguement is STUPID

  7. While a total violation of security and property, until Margate officials suggest otherwise, I respectfully suggest we let the process move along before labeling it.

    As for Margate now on the map for hate crimes, this is neither the first nor the last occurrence.

    Let’s wait for the facts to appear before we judge and execute. It’s a small Island with few secrets.

    1. > While a total violation of security and property, until margate officials suggest otherwise I respectfully suggest we let the process move along before labeling it.

      You bring up a great point here. Labeling this a “hate crime” has an obvious motive — to impose stricter penalties than what they would otherwise be. We can’t throw out civil liberties because the world is a scary place right now.

      Gather the facts and build a case. Jay, nor anyone else, knows the motive right now. We’re all speculating.

  8. No one has the right to vandalize or threaten. If a local feels someone is violating the law, they should call the police, not take the law into their own hands.

    The term shoobie didn’t really originate for 2nd homeowners. It’s now being used in a divisive way.

    I drove to Ventnor only to find my property in need of urgent maintenance. In my judgement, this was essential. I ordered hoagies from Dino’s. They delivered. Didn’t do anything different than I do at my primary residence.

    I respect all health guidelines regardless of where I am.

    Let’s all show common sense and recognize we need each other. It’s not us versus them.

    1. > Didn’t do anything different than I do at my primary residence.

      Except you did — you traveled. You bought gas. You interacted with locals. If you are an asymptomatic carrier, you’ve now moved the virus some distance. That’s how it got here in the first place, through travel. See the problem?

      Cool story. Personal anecdotes aren’t helpful here. For every story like yours, there’s another of some granny that just had to have her gardening done. The Ventnor Police are offering property checks for a reason. You pay taxes for the service. Use it.

      You’re right. It’s “us” here. We’re trying to come up with policies that protect everyone. “Stay at home” means just that. It doesn’t mean travel 100 miles and interact with a bunch of people like Dino’s, a gas attendant, and the toll attendants. Stay at home to save lives.

      1. I travel to home for home maintenance issues.

        Dino’s and the toll collector, (the electronic one) were happy to do business. They didn’t ask where my primary residence was.

        Travel in a car is not the problem, but your extreme viewpoint about walking on a sidewalk isn’t helpful. Are you the person who defined essential? That’s the mentality that promotes vigilantism.

        My point is that we are all in it together. We all have rights and need to respect each other. I’d like to check your cell phone records to see how locked down you are.

        You love to polarize us vs them. I wouldn’t ban you from coming to Philly if you felt it was important.

  9. Omg. How scary reading all the horrible comments. We’re all scared. We’re in Fl. We have no reason for going to our home in NJ.

    Yes, ‘it’s stay home’. So let’s all stay “Home”. The only way to cure this. Why would anyone go to another state if there’s nothing going on anyway? Give it a chance. Let’s all cooperate & be safe.

    1. I absolutely agree with you. Me and my family have stayed home since this started. We are conscientiously following all of the safety guidelines. We go to the grocery store. That’s it. Every week that we go we see out of state plates in the parking lot. Plates from New York, Jersey and Maryland are most common. And our store is in a remote rural area of Lancaster County a predominantly Amish farming area. The reason they are coming here?Looking for paper and disinfectant products that they cant get at home. We dont have them either! Our shelves are bare too! Everybody just stay home.

  10. This whole article is based on the assumption that the car was vandalized because it had PA tags—we do not know that to be true!! They have not caught the person who did it, we don’t know why they did it. You know what happens when your ASSUME!

  11. I will sell any property in places like Margate. I don’t need to be surrounded by sick, ignorant people.
    I hope you can afford the lowering of your of property values.

  12. I’m a year-round resident. I see my second-home neighbors coming to check their properties. They stay inside. They sit on porch or in rear-yard. They’re taxpayers and have the right to check on their investment.

    Most cases of virus are in northern part of the state and New York. Most of our second-homeowners are not from North Jersey or New York.

    I believe most people are wearing a mask and keeping their distance. I see people being respectful of distance.

    We’re all in this together. We don’t need to damage property, or block a street.

    This is America. Lets act like Americans that care for each other. Stay safe. Use masks and gloves when out in the stores.

    1. The Stay at Home order means stay at home. You’re not special. You’re not smarter than the experts. Sit down and shut up.

      I really hope the MCPD is monitoring this and are gearing up to start enforcing the governor’s order. This shit is bonkers.

  13. Jay Ivan Weintraub

    Someone wrote a nasty post and used my name at the heading.
    I am sorry if that post upset anyone.
    Again, it was not me.

  14. NJ Orders 107 and 108 did not mandate a stay-at-home order. The Governors suggested, but did not order ‘STAY AWAY’.
    Before you trash people, know the order. Please appreciate your neighbors.

    1. If you stand on any street corner in America and do something not socially acceptable, someone will call you an asshole. I’m on this street corner, calling you an asshole for leaving your home over a bullshit reason. That’s not hate, that’s a community.

  15. Mac, You are the hate that people now see from Margate, dare I say special or elite locals. You are a disgraceful and uneducated American.

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