CRDA’s Landgraf: Aggressive Cannabis Zoning Plan for Atlantic City

Lance Landgraf Ventnor Atlantic City CRDA Cannabis
CRDA’s Landgraf is also a Ventnor Commissioner.

When Commissioner Lance Landgraf isn’t managing hometown Ventnor issues, he’s helping CRDA pave the way for Atlantic City’s becoming the ‘east coast hub of weed’.

The Atlantic City Cannabis Commission was created in 2021, under the leadership of Mayor Marty Small to position Atlantic City as the #1 cannabis destination on the East Coast. Kash McKinley heads up the commission.

Landgraf is Director of Planning and Zoning for the CRDA, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

Most of Pacific and Atlantic Aves in AC are inside the newly launched, ‘Green Zone’. A pot-friendly, commercial designation supported by the Atlantic City Mayor & City Council.

‘Cannabis’ Kash McKinley & Mayor Small.

Listen to CRDA audio clips:

A city-wide green zone offers a clue just how much the State, using CRDA, is looking for another AC revenue stream. Another sin or luxury tax to tap.

Is current Municipal Land Use Law in sync with a cannabis crazed Atlantic City? 

Legal Distribution LLC looks to operate a Class 5 micro dispensary for the sale of recreational cannabis and a recreational cannabis consumption lounge on property located at 3112 through 3114 Atlantic Ave. in Atlantic City. 

Lance Landgraf: The applicant, Mr. Friedman, testified on the subject. Property has improved an existing three story structure on a former VFW building. He noted proposed use would be on the 1st floor of building where he previously obtained approval for an operation of approximately 175 feet restaurant.

On September 15th we held a public hearing on the application for evidence and testimony was provided as outlined in my hearing officer report. There was no public comment on this application on that date.

CRDA Deb Dilorenzo: Other than Mr. Friedman from Margate, do we know who the other principles of the LLC are? Landgraf: Lou Friedman is 25% owner, as is Rashon White of EHT, Holly Pugh of Absecon and Jason Lentz of AC. They’re all 25%. 

Do they operate other cannabis facilities in New Jersey? Landgraf: They do not. Friedman is a restaurateur (Bocca) in Margate. He also owns a call center that’s located on the third floor of this very property.  

Condition of any approval; how they will filter the smoke throughout the building. They can’t just exhaust it out into the environment without cleaning it up. There’s a distinct odor with marijuana and cannabis.

Starboard Enterprises, LLC wants to build facility for growing and manufacturing cannabis in Atlantic City.

It’s a 125,000 square foot building on a parcel along Atlantic Ave. and MLK Blvd. It essentially takes up that entire block.

The owners on this application: Jon Cohn, 45% owner and Craig McHugh just under 23. Other owners have less than 10% stake. They need not be identified.

Located in the central business district. Applicant testified they will implement odor mitigation plan. They will need air quality permit from NJ DEP.

Comprehensive security plan. Their cameras connected to local police. Facility will not draw from local police resources.

Must hire 25% of its employees from local impact zone and 25% from local community.

City Council and Mayor support location of the grow facility. 

With regards to ownership interest of less than 10%, we do not require identity of that individual or investor. Anyone less than 10%, we don’t really get involved with. We focus on majority owners. 

Starboard Enterprises operates other facilities in New Jersey & Pa. They have a facility in Chester, PA. From what they’ve described, they positively change the neighborhood that they’re in. Their cameras have reduced the crime rate in that area. Again, this is testimony from them. I have not been by their facility.  

Another one is up in Branchburg. I went by that facility to honestly see what it smelled like. I didn’t smell anything, but I did drive onto the property and through their parking lot. And there was an odor.   


Are you interested in learning more about the cannabis industry or looking to bring your business to the City of Atlantic City? Schedule a consultation call with the Atlantic City Cannabis Commission today. Contact Kashawn McKinley for more information: 609-347-5400 or [email protected].

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8 thoughts on “CRDA’s Landgraf: Aggressive Cannabis Zoning Plan for Atlantic City”

  1. It seems politicians in Atlantic City do everything in their power to destroy the city and lose the opportunity to return to a family resort.

    Creating a cannabis zone in areas of the city near major taxpaying group of condominiums is a terrible idea.

    1. A family resort? When, like the 50s and 60s? You’re ridiculous. And plenty of the condo owners you reference will be customers of this new venture, if you get your head out of long, long ago.

        1. I can’t believe all the negativity here. There are people doing good things. There’s a great art scene, cool new venues on the Orange Loop. If you don’t like it, don’t come.

          There were so many fun events last summer. Where were you? It’s such a waste of energy trashing the city and doesn’t really help matters.

  2. Phil from Ventnor

    AC has been circling the drain for decades, and this will be the final flush into the cesspool of failed third-world cities.

  3. Phil from Ventnor

    I think they should build a wall around Atlantic City. It’s my stock comment for every article. Someone stopped me at Wawa and asked me what time it was, and I said time to build a wall. #sarcasm

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