Crowds Gather at Lucy to Support Rebuild of Margate Boardwalk

margate lucy boardwalk
Margate Boardwalk Rally at Lucy

About 150 turned out to support Lucy the Elephant and the team who wants to rebuild the Margate boardwalk. Margate’s original wooden way was built in 1906. It was washed away during the storms of 1944 and 1962.

Rich Helfant, executive director of Lucy the Elephant says a new Margate boardwalk would help make lemonade out of lemons.

  • Fix the beach ‘dead zone’ between the bulkhead and dune
  • Reduce need for beach sewer pipes that funnel dirty street water directly into the surf and swimming areas.
  • Easier and safer access to the beach
  • Get runners and bicyclists off of busy, often dangerous Atlantic Ave.
  • Creation of a much needed, community gathering spot
Lucy the Elephant Supports Rebuilding the Margate Boardwalk
Nor’easter Nick Supports The Boardwalk

A Margate boardwalk brings back sense of community, town-square by the sea.

Helfant says the Save Lucy Committee totally supports the initiative to rebuild the Margate Boardwalk.

The proposed rebuilding of the Margate boardwalk would tie together the entire island. An extension of the Atlantic City and Ventnor boardwalks. A pedestrian boardwalk with NO commercial businesses or amusements, but maybe a pavilion and restroom.

Listen to radio coverage. Supporting the rebuild of the Margate Boardwalk.

What do Margate Commissioners think of rebuilding the boardwalk? Good question. None attended the rally. To date, all 3 have only offered murky, politically correct statements so far.

Mayor Becker, along with Commissioners Amodeo and Blumberg are in a tough spot. Most think that deep down inside, they LOVE the idea of a boardwalk. But all 3 are getting an earful from deep pocketed supporters who prefer private streets and beaches.

One high powered, very recognizable individual was at the rally. Not to show support, but to lobby against it. Instilling the fear of cost, has been the weapon of choice for those opposed to the project.

To be sure, questions over funding loom large. But even those with concerns of cost are quick to voice support. They believe such an amenity would bring the community together. It would likely raise property values too.

How to pay for a Margate Boardwalk.

  • Grants
  • Long term bonding at very favorable rates
  • Donations
  • Sponsorships
  • Tap millions in new, annual ratables

Glenn Klotz, President of the Margate Boardwalk Committee, wants the issue placed on the upcoming Spring 2019 election ballot. Make it a referendum question. Klotz also says the 3 Margate City Commissioners should conduct a survey of second-home owners. Those who pay taxes, but don’t vote locally.

Fact: the Margate Boardwalk once passed directly in front of Lucy the Elephant. Unfortunately, storms washed it away over time. It was never rebuilt. Lucy has been silent on this issue. Until now. Lucy misses her old, wooden friend. That’s why she’s raising her massive trunk and declaring….. ‘Rebuild My Boardwalk’.

Lucy the elephant Margate Boardwalk t-shirt
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Sales also help support the continued preservation of Lucy the Elephant, the historic landmark loved by all.

Lucy the Elephant Supports Rebuilding the Margate Boardwalk
Klotz Addresses Crowd in Front of Lucy
Lucy the Elephant Supports Rebuilding the Margate Boardwalk
Lucy Chairman, Rich Helphant


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