Ventnor Jeweler Dazzling Downbeach for Over 35 years.

I finally discovered a not-so-hidden jem in Ventnor recently. Pun intended.

We needed some minor repair work done on a personal item. Hmmm. Where to go?

Master Jeweler, Tom Harris

I decided to pop into Tom Harris Custom Jeweler on Ventnor Ave.

As Tom’s lovely wife Carol quickly took care of my issue, Mr. Harris showed me around the shop a bit.

In those 10 minutes, I became a little smarter about this 35+ year business.

I always passed by and knew Tom Harris Custom Jewelers was there…..but for some reason, I really never visited. Until last week.

Wow. I’m not a big jewelry guy…but the display case was filled with cool custom work I’ve never seen before. Harris’s work is truly gorgeous.

Tom Harris is a master jeweler with over 50 years experience. He goes back to the early days on Sansom Street Jewelers Row in Philly.

Harris designed and manufactured for some of the most famous companies in town like House of Milner, Sydney Rosen, Morris Horowitz and Lou Neff.

Harris is well known for his KENYA® Gem, a ‘diamond’ you can afford to lose, which is not really a diamond at all. The stunning Kenya Gem is man-made.

Tom Harris in Ventnor features a complete line of KENYA Gem rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

  • Fine custom made diamond jewelry and remounts.
  • All jewelry repairs and sizing.
  • Watch repairs and watch batteries.
  • Pearls restrung and designed on silk.
  • Jewelry cleaned and polished.
  • Jewelry appraisals and engraving.
  • All work done on premise.
  • Free gift wrapping
  • Free Parking in rear.


  • 6504 VENTNOR AVE
  • 609-823-3315

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