Deliciously Done. Fresh, Prepared Foods for Carefree Margate Meals

Maybe it’s because I would always order the KAREN ROLL at Tomatoes? Hmmm. Karen is the owner of my favorite restaurant & bar in Margate. Been going there for years. Nothing better. This sushi delight goes great with a Grey Goose martini at the always lively bar.

Unbeknownst to me, I recently became addicted to another Karen creation. This one’s called DONE. It’s next to Starbucks and across from Casel’s on Ventnor Ave in Margate.

Karen Sherman and Carmen Rone are the culinary co-conspirators behind DONE.

DONE. A delicious little shop of tasty, prepared foods.

Do they have gluten free options? Sometimes. The team at DONE cook fresh everyday. We suggest you stop in every so often. See what they cooked up for the day.

You won’t be disappointed.

(609) 428-7562 | 8007 VENTNOR AVE. MARGATE.


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