Developer Blatstein Calls Ventnor A “Hidden Jewel”

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Blatstein Knows How to Develop Absecon Island

Imagine Ventnor team member Lance Landgraf recently met with Bart Blatstein, the new owner of the Showboat Casino and the Playground in Atlantic City, to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing Ventnor in the coming years.

Blatstein shares the Tim Kriebel, Beth Maccagnano Holtzman and Lance’s belief that Ventnor is a “hidden jewel” on Absecon Island. He also shares the team’s belief that city leaders must be more aggressive in promoting the city’s potential for business growth while taking a more strategic approach to urban planning.

A Philadelphia resident with a summer home in Margate, Blatstein knows what he is talking about. He transformed the appearance and culture of Philadelphia’s Northern Liberty section – making it one of the hottest growing areas in the city for millennials to live, work and play.

Developer Bart Blatstein Says Ventnor is a Hidden Jewel. No Kidding…  🙂

The Imagine Ventnor team believes Ventnor has similar potential to significantly improve its standing on Absecon Island as a hub of business and recreation with a thriving full-time and seasonal real estate market.

Specifically, Lance and Bart specifically discussed how smart tax policies, including tax incentives, and a renewed emphasis on urban planning and design will benefit Ventnor by attracting and retaining employers and creating a more livable, workable

This aligns with Tim, Beth and Lance’s commitment in their 100 Day plan to immediately begin promoting business in Ventnor:

Imagine Ventnor

Open For Business. On Day 1, Ventnor will be open for business. We will begin working immediately with the business community to increase the use of public-private economic development partnerships to facilitate and encourage economic revitalization or redevelopment.

Read the full 100 Day plan here.