Did Builder Operate in Margate Without Liability Insurance?

Where are the documents?

This is the third time that Joyce Cherry of Nassau Ave in Margate had to come before the Mayor and Commissioners. 

Cherry wants to submit an insurance claim against a home builder based in Ventnor.

Unfortunately, both Margate and NJ State can’t find the liability insurance documents for this particular home builder.


We had damage done to our home. For over a year, we tried to get the insurance number for Construction (company). 

Margate Resident

Margate Business Admin Ken Mosca: I spoke to (husband) Dave. I put him in the direction to where you can get information. I spoke to Commissioner Blumberg. I let him know what I was doing. He said he was fine with it. 

Resident: We called NJ Senator Vince Polistina’s office. We left a message 10 days ago and we heard nothing. They apologized. They eventually did call back.

Have you spoken to (builder)? We were told you were going to. Someone was going to get a hold and speak to him at one of our meetings.  

Margate Business Admin, Ken Mosca: He (Builder) does not have to provide that.

What else are we doing to keep this from happening to other people living in Margate?

Ken Mosca: Jim Galantino (Margate Construction Official) couldn’t stay for this meeting, so he’s gone. But I’ve had extensive conversations with him. There’s only certain things that we can do. The state does not want towns to keep excessive amounts of information. Again, this is a state policy. It’s not a Margate city policy.

This is part of why we need our state representatives (Vince Polistina), why we vote for them, why we put them in office for times like this when we need their help. 

Margate Business Admin Ken Mosca

MARGATE ORDINANCE: A certificate of insurance that confirms coverage(s) shall be submitted to the Construction Official prior to the issuance of a license.

On May 5, Margate Commissioner John Amodeo said, ‘proof of Insurance must be posted with City at the Building Department. That has to be on record.’

Listen Margate public comment audio from May 4, 2023

§ 114-12Insurance; indemnification agreement. [Amended 7-23-1987 by Ord. No. 1987-13]

All persons holding Class I, Class II or Class III construction contractor license and their agents and employees are required to be covered by policy or policies of liability insurance.

Said policy or policies shall name the City of Margate City as an additional named insured with respect only to liability coverages afforded by the policy(s), insuring against bodily injury and property damages in an amount to be determined by the City with a minimum of $100,000 and a maximum of $300,000 combined single limit.

Said liability insurance shall be the comprehensive general liability form and may include premises operations and independent contractors products/complete operations, explosion, collapse and underground hazard, broad form property damage and blanket contractual.

A certificate of insurance that confirms the aforementioned coverage(s) shall be submitted to the Construction Official prior to the issuance of a license.


Jim Galantino (609) 822-1974

Palma Shiles (609) 822-1974

Gina Okoorian (609) 822-1974

Visit Margate Building Dept Here.

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9 thoughts on “Did Builder Operate in Margate Without Liability Insurance?”

  1. Another example of city officials asleep at the switch. Just like the huge increase in medical insurance claims that jumped significantly that no one noticed. No accountability. In my line of work, such carelessness got people dead. Guilty, 35 year military guy.

  2. Legal Margate Builder

    Margate business admin blames NJ State. Ken Mosca & Mayor Collins ignore City Ordinance: No builder permit until you post valid liability paperwork.

    Margate Planning Board needs shake-up. Most are conflicted.

  3. There’s also a condemmed home right now being dismantled/taken down at corner of Freemont and Vendome. New construction less than 3 years old.

    1. This Dr and wife have to tear down a brand new home they paid 1.2 million for ……. So wtf happened that these city administrators overlooked
      Answer: a lot 🙃😳🤢. Check your new homes ….. you may have a surprise behind your walls !

  4. No wonder elected officials don’t like having meetings on ZOOM. They prefer to operate in the dark.

  5. They promised Zoom and a reinstatement of the Citizen’s Advisory Board.

    I am hoping keep those small promises.

  6. Margate business admin Ken Mosca needs to get to bottom of this. Does (contractor) have insurance or not? It should be filed in Margate City Hall

    1. This is Construction 101. How it can not be on file is beyond belief. Irons has been around long enough they should have the “packet” of docs that are filed w any city for any job, especially on an 8-mile island.

  7. Voice of Reason

    Simple question: Did Margate lose the insurance docs? Margate Building Dept is the problem. Mayor Collins and construction official need to step up. They are the problem. Just ask former Commissioner Amodeo.

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