Disruptive Outfall Pipes Could Increase Support For Margate Boardwalk

Margate beach Outfall pipes
Pic: Stephen Davidson

The Vendome Ave. outfall pipe construction is now complete. The first of 5 pipes to be installed along the beaches of Margate. All designed to alleviate flooding caused by the new Margate dune system.

Resident Stephen Davidson posted his latest beach findings on the History of Margate social media site. These pics really say it all. We imagine these shocking images will inadvertently grow support for the rebuilding of a Margate Boardwalk.

How else can we enjoy an un-obstructed walk along the Margate shoreline?

Remember when officials claimed that most of the pipe length would be buried in sand before it reached the surf? At low tide, the outfall pipe soars to well over 5 ft high. Resident Glenn Klotz warned of these outfall pipes as far back as 2001.

Pic: Stephen Davidson

Length wise, it’s almost the size of the Margate fishing pier. Like long walks along the beach, feet splashing in the surf? Every so often, you’ll need to detour around these steel & wooden structures.

Davidson suggests the outfall pipe can sometimes act like a jetty, trapping sand. Swimming near it could be dangerous though. And yes, it’s pretty darn ugly. The annual lifeguard run on the beach should also be interesting.

Outfalls do have a few upsides. They might create better surf fishing grounds. The outfalls also call more attention to the need for better beach and ocean access.

These disruptive outfalls increase the need for a new Margate Boardwalk.

Marc Wiser: These are jettys – The ACOE didn’t study the effect these 5 outfall pipe systems would have on sand movement. Not only in Margate, but other areas as well.

Stephen Davidson: Outfalls will hold sand. It might even starve Longport of sand.

Pic: Stephen Davidson

Marc Wiser: if the outfall under belly erodes and washes thru, these things could be 10 feet tall before we know it. That’s of course, if the ACOE doesn’t try to bury them.
Leonard Wolfson: Looks like pictures were taken at low tide. How would you walk past that at high tide?

3 thoughts on “Disruptive Outfall Pipes Could Increase Support For Margate Boardwalk”

  1. Glenn Klotz says: This situation goes to the front burner folks. If in fact, the Vendome Ave. Outfall pictured above is an example of the remaining four yet to be built on our beaches we’re in BIG trouble and the whole town had better wake before it’s too late and our beaches are permanently trashed by this unwelcome and un-needed Project. These huge dangerous and destructive pipes are going to cause more problems then any ones they solve. Dry streets and a dry zone behind the berm is NOT an acceptable trade off for the destruction of the Ocean side beaches! People come to Margate to enjoy the ocean and the beach but if it’s trashed by pipes that partition it and make walking along it a stroll through an obstacle course they will go elsewhere to visit and buy homes. Our once beautiful beach is being transformed into an Industrial wasteland right before our eyes. Most of us wanted to believe that that these things were going to be buried under the beach but it appears we were lied to or we misunderstood what was really planned. It doesn’t matter. We need to stop this runaway train now before it destroys us.

  2. Stephen Davidson says: Well, someone better build a boardwalk. We need it. The Army-Corp has totally taken the “Crown Jewel” away in Margate. They lied to us (about outfalls). Said they would be buried. They need to make this right. Either bury the outfall pipes, or at least, build a boardwalk so people can walk the beach like they did before.

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