Handicap Accessible

The following Margate beaches have easier handicap access to the Beach.

Blue mats improve mobility while walking or wheeling over the sand.

The beaches with (*) asterisks are legally handicapped accessible.

Transportation is available over the dunes for those with physical challenges. Call 609-517-5245.

Please provide at least 30 minutes notice. Last pickup of the day is at 4:30pm.

This service is first come, first serve and is only for those who do not require specialized medical equipment for transport.  


  • Andover Ave****
  • Barclay Ave
  • Clarendon Ave
  • Clermont Ave
  • Douglas Ave
  • Exeter Ave
  • Huntington Ave****
  • Iroquios Ave
  • Kenyon Ave
  • Osborne Ave****
  • Rumson Ave
  • Thurlow Ave
  • Vendome Ave
  • Decatur Ave
  • Adams Ave
  • Madison Ave
  • Coolidge Ave
  • Jefferson Ave****
Updated on May 29, 2021

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