Ventnor Fishing Pier

Ventnor City Fishing Pier
Phone: 609-823-7944
For issues after 4 p.m., please call the Ventnor City police department non-emergency number at (609) 822-2101


The Ventnor City fishing pier, located at Cambridge Avenue and the Boardwalk, measures 1000 feet and is the longest of the state’s ocean fishing piers!  We are open 24 hours/day for fishing and sightseeing.  Fishing is permitted only past the locked gate. Our pier is staffed from mid-April thru September from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The pier boasts benches, cleaning tables, and lighting for night time fishing. Come on out and enjoy a beautiful day of fishing or just taking in the sights.


We accept Cash and Checks during Pier Office Hours (8 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

Ventnor Pier Fees

Annual Fishing Fee (Adults)$175.00
Annual Fishing Fee (Seniors/Vets)$150.00
Annual Fishing Fee (Youth 10-17)$50.00
Weekly Fishing Fee (7 days)$50.00
Daily Fishing Fee (Adults)$10.00
Daily Fishing Fee (Seniors/Vets)$5.00
Daily Fishing Fee (Youth 10-17)$5.00
Annual Spectator Fee$50.00
Walk-On Fee (10 and older)$5.00

Children under age 10 are not permitted beyond the gates of the pier. 

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