Does Brigantine Mayor Oppose Short-Term Rental Reform?

Ventnor homeowners keeping close eye on neighboring Brigantine. Both Jersey shore towns grappling with the rise in absentee landlords and rowdy, short-term rentals (STR’s) powered by online platforms like AirBnB.

Brigantine officials admit to being severely understaffed in managing their 2,000 short-term rental units.

Brigantine has only 2 or 3 city employees assigned to that task. Brigantine has no minimum stay requirements for rentals. Most shore towns have 7 night minimum stays.

Mayor Sera of Brigantine: stonewalling & slow-walking, short-term rental reform.

City Manager Platt is a former Brigantine Fire Chief that’s well versed in the importance of rental safety, code enforcement and inspections. To date, Platt has remained in support of no STR restrictions.

NOTE: Pressure from companies that manage multiple shore rentals pushed Ventnor into enacting a weak, 3 night rental minimum instead of a recommended 7 night minimum rental stay.

Longer minimum stay requirements means less chance for weekend party houses.

Does Brigantine have 2,000 rental permits properly filed inside City Hall?


4 thoughts on “Does Brigantine Mayor Oppose Short-Term Rental Reform?”

    1. Wow, and yet you’re never run for office – you just pontificate on every thread. The shore towns can enact whatever level of constraint on rental duration they want, but without consistent enforcement of the roles (and staff to do it), that will all be meaningless.


  1. Ventnor Real Estate

    class action lawsuit against any politician or city manager that allows a motel business to operate in a residential neighborhood.

    1. Hopefully 3 day limit becomes 7 next year. Most STRs aren’t even registered as such so good luck even identifying who’s renting that way.

      They need license fees, enforcement and escalating penalties where warranted.

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