Downbeach Back-Bay Flooding Finally Being Addressed At Ventnor Meeting

Lance Landgraf Frank Lobiondo DEp
Officials Proud to See Start of Dune Project

Finally. Back bay flooding in Margate and Ventnor, and how to combat it. That’s the focus of a long-awaited, public meeting on Wednesday night, Sept 12 in Ventnor.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will co-host the meeting with Ventnor elected officials. They’re looking to get local input for its New Jersey Back Bays Flood Risk Management Study.

The meeting is also in partnership with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

Congressman Frank Lobiondo always knew back bay flooding was the issue that needed to be addressed. Residents still confused why so much was spent on front-beach dunes, that provide minimal protection.

Watch Frank Lobiondo Flooding Video.

Items that could be discussed on Sept 12:

  • Structural solutions such as storm-surge barriers
  • Tide gates, levees and flood walls
  • Non-structural solutions such as elevating homes
  • Nature-based actions: marsh restoration; ex: using ‘Shelter Island’ as a dumping ground for contaminated dredge spoils
  • Living shorelines

Discussions may also include how municipalities can reduce flood insurance costs through the FEMA Community Rating System.

Residents will hear from experts that could shed some light on why the new dune system did NOT lower flood insurance as promised.

The meeting is 6p to 8p., Sept. 12 at the Ventnor Educational Community Complex, 400 N. Lafayette Ave.

It’s unknown if Ventnor City officials will record this important event, using their new multi-media system at the school. Close to 75% of Ventnor homeowners are summer-time only residents. Most will not be able to attend.

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