Spotlight on Downbeach Deli in Margate

The must-visit eatery at 8 South Essex Ave. in Margate. Downbeach Deli is one of Absecon Island’s favorite places to eat. We love their dinner specials.

Delectable – Your Favorite Kosher and Non-Kosher Deli

Fresh and flavorful deli favorites for over 30 years.

downbeach Deli Margate

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Daily Specials.

Specialty bagel sandwiches & spreads.

Fresh rye bread & excellent soup.

Fresh rotisserie chicken.

Cakes and pastry.

Downbeach Deli Catering

Hot & cold platters, sandwich trays, sides, snacks & desserts.

Extensive catering menu.

downbeach deli

Take-out and delivery.

Call 609 823 7310

Downbeach Deli Menu

Very friendly staff.

S. Essex Ave,
609 823-7310

See menu here.

5 thoughts on “Spotlight on Downbeach Deli in Margate”

  1. The people at Downbeach Deli are a totally class act. Any time I eat there or from there it’s a privilege.

  2. Buddy and all of his staff are wonderful. DBD is by far the best deli in the area. The meet and fish trays are always fresh and delicious and they make an incredible omelette.

  3. Michael Bluestein

    Michael the owner is always there to assure a smooth running restaurant. The staff makes you feel like your Mom is serving you. The Deli food is as good and real as you can find anywhere. Great energy from the regular customers,like me, that eat there OR TAKE OUT at least 3 times a week. FIVE STARS????????????????

  4. We love Downbeach Deli. Buddy does a fabulous job with the best and delicious choices on a huge menu. The service is phenomenal no matter what time of day you go in. We are so lucky to have this great deli.

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