Downbeach Discussion: Bulkheads, Dunes, Outfall Sewer Pipes & Boardwalks

On Tuesday, May 8, the Ventnor Planning Board recommended a deeper dive into back-bay bulkheads. With state approval, Ventnor may be able to help certain homeowners get a no-interest loan for rebuilding their bulkheads. Many are falling apart, or are too low.

Voluntary program for Ventnor property owners who want to upgrade their bulkheads.

Getting NJ State approval would allow Ventnor to offer 0% loans to property owners who want to voluntarily rebuild their bulkheads. Public hearings will be scheduled to get more input.

In Margate, outfall sewer pipes and a new boardwalk are the hot topics.

The Dan Klein Radio Show invited resident, Glenn Klotz, to share his updates about the Margate beaches. WOND 1400am. Listen:

This part of the project seals the deal, says resident Glenn Klotz. These monstrous outfall sewer pipes are going to essentially partition Margate’s beaches. Isolating sections and restricting lateral movement from one beach to another.

Klotz: The beach is now entering into it’s terminal or industrial phase. Our once spacious open beach is GONE. The only way we’ll be able to move along it laterally, from place to place, is to build a boardwalk behind the dune.


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