Downbeach Dune & Beach Project 2020

The beaches of Margate and Ventnor currently undergoing replenishment work.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia District and its contractor, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, are placing more than 2 million cubic yards of sand to complete periodic nourishment of the Absecon Island dune and berm project.

The 50 year project was designed to reduce the risk of storm damages to property and infrastructure.

Ventnor projected to pay at least $750,000 toward project.

Margate refuses to pay share that ACOE & DEP is asking for.

Absecon Island Periodic Nourishment

9 thoughts on “Downbeach Dune & Beach Project 2020”

    1. Local, oh please they are NJ politicians with almost zero oversight and very limited threat of being voted out. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely! They are long time smart politicians, they know very well how to bury it.

      1. This is why part time residents need to be able to vote in local elections.

        Locals yocals. Many are drones.

        Keep it up !!!

      1. On every thread, on every topic you make the same allegations of corruption. Please provide one scintilla of evidence, a summons, subpeona, court docket etc. Otherwise, keep yelling out your window and chasing those damn kids off your lawn. You’re lame.

  1. More Bull#### from RC .I’ll make it simple so even you might understand.
    Show us ANY proof to substantiate your incessant claims of corruption so we can judge for ourselves.If not than shut the #### up and crawl back in your hole.

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