Downbeach Express & Margate Bridge to Raise Tolls

Wanna cross the Margate bridge & causeway? Starting on June 3, 2019, you’ll have to dig deeper and pay more.

Downbeach Express Raising Tolls.

Got an Express Pass? That’ll be $1.40 per crossing……that’s 10 cents more.

No Express Pass? You’ll now pay $2.00 per crossing. That’s a price hike of 25 cents.

Ole Hansen and Sons manages the Margate Bridge Company, and owns the Downbeach Express.

The fare increase will cover the cost of maintaining the four, 90 yr old bridges and the more than two miles of roadway.

The Downbeach Express bridge & causeway connects Margate with the mainland & EHT.

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14 thoughts on “Downbeach Express & Margate Bridge to Raise Tolls”

  1. What do they think they are the GW in NY. This is disgusting. The resident should be given a discount of a dollar not two dollars.
    I’ll be going over the Longport or Dorset Bridge thank you

  2. Why not raise it? It’s private and they can do whatever they want, just like the Commissioners in Margate. Consideration for the year-long residents is nil! We should be given a discount. Paying both ways is a disgrace, but greed rules here in Margate.

    Disgusted but not surprised.

  3. There’s nothing offshore i need to see cause theres nothing to do . Id tather stay home and watch my firestick cause they have everything you need to see and do.

  4. THIS GUY WALKS INTO A STORE ON THE WALK THAT SELLS NUTS.HE SEZ TO THE GUY BEHIND A ELEVATED COUNTER. HOW MUCH FOR THOSE PISTACHIOS.THE GUY SEZ THEIR $4.99 A 1/2 LB. HE SAYS I ONLY HAVE $1.00. HOW MANY OF DEM COULD I GET? THE GUY SEZ OH ABOUT 30 of them. THE guy sez how much for dose cashews.the guy sez you cant afford those their $8.99 a half a lb..HOW MANY OF DEM COULD I GET? HE SEZ ABOUT 10 OF THEM. Then the guy starts laughing at the guy behind the counter and the guy sez to him what are you laughing at and the guy sez to him mister is that a dick on your face? And they guy said no its not my dick its my nose you idiot! And the guy sez to him you sure coulda fooled me I thought it was cause your Dick cause you nuts are are so high.

  5. Full time and not-full time residents should stick together on this, and not be divisive. That said, does Ole Hansen and Sons and the Margate Bridge Company have to have any kind of hearing or have to submit a proposal before raising rates?

  6. Boycott the bridge and prices will be reduced.

    Wife’s birthday was last week, i asked her what she wanted, she said something shiny and goes 0-200 in 3 seconds.

    I got her a scale.

  7. This is a disgrace! I live on Jerome Ave and will now go out of my way not to go over this bridge! Greedy greedy people, they should be ashamed of themselves!

  8. It’s a terrible road, I go out of my way to go through Longport or Dorset Ave. The hell with them!
    Typical scam like everything else in Corrupt Margate.

  9. I travel the bridge most every day. Not worth the convenience. I can make a better use of the $728. annual savings. Bye-bye Margate Bridge. It was nice while it lasted.

  10. The Longport Bridge will do just nicely for this summer resident.

    And, again, why are local taxpayers charged for beach badges from “wealthy” Margate when we never were when Margate was “poor”?

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