Downbeach Real Estate Buying Frenzy Continues

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There’s still a buying frenzy in Ventnor, Margate and Longport, says Sherri Lilienfeld of Apex Prime Realty.

Watch the DownbeachBUZZ real estate webcast for Sept 29, 2021.

Items discussed during the webcast include:

Some Downbeach home sales turn into bidding wars. Limited inventory but still a substantial amount of buyers.

Sellers beware: Don’t let a real estate agent ‘buy your listing’.

Mortgage interest rates still low, but they did eek up a bit this week.

Tax abatements attract interested buyers to Ventnor. Next door, some were getting priced out of the Margate market.

Limited availability.

Margate’s Marven Gardens: trying to hold onto original character.

Ventnor’s rapid evolution. Forever-empty lots now being developed. Massive estates.

What’s hot with Downbeach snowbirds? Condo vs single family homes.

Rising real estate ratables: more money for City Hall to spend.

Pickleball as mandatory amenity along the shore.

Notable: Development Santucci’s & Ventnor Square Movie sparks buyer / commercial interest.

Higher taxes with low prices make Lower Chelsea a remarkable value along the Atlantic City shoreline.

1 thought on “Downbeach Real Estate Buying Frenzy Continues”

  1. Marven Gardens Resident

    I am a full time resident of Marven Gardens. It is so sad and disappointing to see the big square boxy style house with a flat roof (?). house that was built at 8 West Drive. Especially, since the builder Steve Baglivo advertised that the house would match the character. From Zillow:

    “ The creative architectural design of the property will perfectly fit into the quaint/charming character of Marvin Gardens & truly fits the upscale yet casual lifestyle you have come to expect from a Baglivo home”.

    The house in my and many of my neighbor’s opinion is ugly and a giant eyesore. It lacks any attractive architectural detail. Opposite of what was promised. A middle finger to the Marven Garden residents who invest and maintain the original character and intent of these beautiful homes. Mr Balglivo could have tried a little harder.

    I feel sorry for anyone who buys it.

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