Downbeach Real Estate: New Mortgage Rate Rules

Looking to buy a Downbeach vacation property? You may want to investigate those crazy new rules regarding mortgage rates and credit scores.

Those with great credit might pay more for a mortgage. Those with lower credit scores could get a much better interest rate.


Paul Zgalich from and Sherri Lilienfeld of EXP Realty explain these new, Loan Level Price Adjustments.

There will be an impact on credit scores, says Zgalich. But, if you put down 30% or more, you should have no worries, no change.

Ventnor, Margate, Longport, Lower Chelsea, Brigantine.

Loan To Value will play greater role in adjustments to those with certain credit scores.

Debt to Income Ratio.

Second home / investment market always saddled with higher rates than primary home market.


2 thoughts on “Downbeach Real Estate: New Mortgage Rate Rules”

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