Downbeach Real Estate, Buyers Market Looking for Buyers.

It took some time, but we’re finally in a buyers market. Ventnor, Margate and Longport Real Estate.

Watch latest Downbeach BIZ real estate webcast with Sherri Lilienfeld of EXP Realty. DEC 2022.

Buy now. Less competition from other buyers.

Mortgage interest rates have doubled over past 2 years, but Paul Zgalich of Guaranteed Rate suggests a possible rate pivot in 2023.

Date the rate. Buy the home.

Downbeach housing supplies are up.

Some prices have stabilized. Others asking prices have been cut. Some aggressively.

1 thought on “Downbeach Real Estate, Buyers Market Looking for Buyers.”

  1. Very nice segments, folks. Well done. Thanks for the info. I know a guy who predicted that in March and hit the time of the year almost spot on. Many didn’t buy what he was saying. Looks like he was right!

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