Downbeach Rental Properties Need Lead-Based Paint Inspection

Margate Commissioners planning to update rental property ordinances reflecting stricter rules regarding lead-based paint.

New laws went into effect in July of 2022, mandating municipalities perform, or require landlords to certify there are no lead hazards to children in rental properties. LISTEN >

Listen to AUG 4 Meeting.

Rentals must be inspected and/or certified every two years.

Lead poisoning can cause learning disabilities, behavioral problems, even death.

Ordinance 14-2022 would require landlords to submit certification proving rental property was evaluated and is free of lead-based paint hazards whenever they file a rental registration or whenever a new tenant moves into the rental property.

If landlord is non-compliant, city may do inspection or retain qualified inspector to perform inspection, and file municipal lien against the property.

Owner will be required to remediate hazard and present Margate City with reinspection certificate.

Margate Code Official Jim Galantino said most older houses have been torn down and replaced with new homes. Because of so much new construction over the years, Margate will just do a visual inspection on older properties.

Cracking and peeling paint can be ingested by young children.

“Realtors are trying to figure what to do because there is a lead-based paint certification that would have to be provided to us by a lead-based paint inspector certified by the State of New Jersey”.

Ventnor has higher number of older houses. Stricter requirements needed in Ventnor.

NOTE: Margate holds department head meetings at 3p and regular commission meetings at 4p. Residents asking for more convenient times for public meetings. Preferably after 5p.

NOTE: Residents want ability to comment via Zoom online meeting software. Business Admin Deaney, along with all 3 Margate Commissioners, have prohibited remote commenting via Zoom.

NOTE: Margate does not stream or provide access to video of school board meetings.

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