Downbeach Residents Endure Another Raw Sewage Leak from Atlantic City

Raw sewage Atlantic City ACUA
Another Raw Sewage Leak

Waters surrounding Margate, Ventnor and Longport are being contaminated by yet another raw sewage leak at Bader Field in Atlantic City.

Officials still trying to stop the dangerous leak. A bypass system will soon be installed.

The bypass will contain and redirect the flow so that the force main sewage pipe can be repaired.

Raw sewage leak continues at Bader Field in Atlantic City.

A rupture in the 40 year old pipe, measuring 30 inches across, takes raw sewage waste from Ventnor, Margate and Longport, and pumps it into the ACUA facility in Atlantic City.

Officials were made aware of the Bader Field sewage leak on Saturday, April 18.

NOTE: NJ State and the CRDA controls Bader Field.

ACUA, NJ DEP and Atlantic City health officials hope to have the leak fixed within the next few days. In the meantime, the breach continues to contaminate local waters. Caution is advised.

No info being shared about how much sewage has already leaked into the waters of Absecon Island. How much flowing now?

Recreational fishermen severely affected. Eating seafood from these waters right now, wouldn’t be a good idea either.

To help with disinfection, ACUA now pumping more sodium hypochlorite into the system. Hay bales are also being used to soak up feces-laced discharge.

Residents asking if ACUA, DEP and local leaders are doing enough to warn residents, fishermen and those who might be engaging in water sports.

Recreational activities in back bays are suspended. Is message getting through as most focus on COVID-19?

More testing will be needed before a reopening of water-based activity.

Officials are asking residents to reduce flushing of toilets, showering and water usage. ACUA wants residents and businesses to conserve water to help alleviate and minimize flow through the raw sewage pipe.

40 yr old sewage pipe that keeps getting worse. Another bacteria disaster waiting to happen. A major leak was spotted back in September 2017. Weeks of discharge went unnoticed. General public notifications were spotty at best.

ACUA accused of taking too long to fix this old, dangerous sewage pipe inside Bader Field in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City Leadership

A critical infrastructure project that needs to be fast-tracked. Plans for replacing the 40 yr old pipe is long overdue. No word yet from NJ State Senator Chris Brown or Congressman Jeff Van Drew on how they can help in this situation.

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  1. Are you updating residents who do not received this email notification via mail?
    Is it OK to drink TAP waterin Ventnor? or do we need to boil before use?
    We encountered a STREET sewer problem this weekend.. John + crew addressed immediately + were fantastic !!!

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