Downbeach Restaurants Open for Outdoor Dining & Drinking

Sofia in Margate.

A bitter sweet re-opening day for Downbeach eateries. After a brutal 3 month lock-down, Margate and Ventnor restaurants finally permitted to offer outdoor dining effective Monday June 15.

NJ Gov., Phil Murphy still holding firm on the inside dining ban… for now.

Downbeach restaurants are ready and rarin’ to go. Here’s a few examples:

Sofia in Margate set up a series of stylish tents on their parking lot and adjacent sidewalks.

Annette’s on Dorset Ave in Ventnor transformed their parking lot into a colorful dining experience complete with umbrellas and tropical foliage.

annettes Ventnor
Ventnor parking lot transformation .

All new Santucci’s in Ventnor is much more than a square pizza joint. Wait til you see their roof top deck. Perfect for outdoor dining & socializing.

Santucci's Pizza Ventnor
6413 Ventnor Ave.

Santucci’s Original Square Pizza. Casual Italian dining in Ventnor.

  • Over 6,000 SQ FT of dining space
  • 3,500 SQ FT of rooftop bar
  • ARCADE for the kids while waiting for a table
  • Order Online

Santucci’s Original Square Pizza is rooted in South Philly. Opened it’s doors back in 1959. Over the past 40 years, the family expanded into the Italian Market, North Broad Street, Roxborough, Ocean City, and now Ventnor. Wildwood is next for Santucci’s.

Santucci’s food & atmosphere are excellent. Oh, and they hired DJ Johnny Looch. He’s the man for music.

Downbeach Foodie
Bocca Margate
Street takeover at Bocca in Margate.

Bocca, on Ventnor Ave. in Margate blocked off a portion of N. Essex Ave.

Comfy chairs, and plenty of room under a huge tent. On-street beer service too.

Ventura’s Greenhouse in Margate taking it to the next level. Now building a large outdoor deck on the beach.

Ventura’s Greenhouse Restaurant. Next to Lucy The Elephant. 106 S Benson Ave & the Beach in Margate.

8 thoughts on “Downbeach Restaurants Open for Outdoor Dining & Drinking”

  1. This is costing these businesses a lot of money. The weather will play alot in this. Murphy needs to open up inside dining will all precautions.

    1. Could be a fiasco and major disaster with inside dining. We’re still in the midst of a pandemic. Let’s not forget that. Priority is keeping customers and staff safe and healthy.

  2. 117 ,000 dead. 200,000 dead predicted by October. Jersey is second to NY in cases. We have one chance to get this opening right. Let’s listen to the doctors and scientists. Van Drew is the last person to listen to. He has no credibility.

  3. Is / are the Ventnor Commissioners considering or have they taken any action to allow sections of Ventnor Avenue ( where there a lot of restaurants ) like New Haven to New Port Aves on Ventnor Avenue & New Port to Portland Aves ONLY closed to traffic while still keeping : New Haven Ave, New Port Avenue & Portland Avenue – still open to traffic. And allow the restaurants to put out tables & chairs to give our local restaurants more outdoor seating capacity ?

  4. It would be great to turn the commercial section of Amherst into a pedestrian zone permanently as long as there is a creative means for folks to get to their houses.

  5. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx X

    Do something about the biking problem on Ventnor Boardwalk. These people think they are in the Indy 500. An older women was run down today and taken to the hospital. They don’t give you a heads up when coming up behind you. What about the little kids running accross the boardwalk to get to the beach. It is too crowded with people walking (it is called a boardwalk after all). It was so nice when the boardwalk was open to just pedestrians for one week. Margate and Longport don’t have boardwalks and they came up with solutions for bikers.
    Also, I see no police up there looking for bikers who are not following the rules.

    1. Clark Hindelang

      I’m a biker and I agree that there are many bikers of all ages that go too fast. And let’s get one thing straight too. Many people walk blindly across the Boardwalk to the beach. It is the job of the biker to look ahead just like when we drive a car.

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