Downbeach Restaurants Prep for Dining Outside Starting June 15

North Beach Restaurant Row in Ventnor

At long last, we can soon sit down and to enjoy a meal at our favorite Ventnor & Margate eateries. We’ll be dining outdoors, but hey, we’ll take it.

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy, who prefers a controversial, one-size-fits all approach for the Garden State, has issued protocols for food and beverage dining in outdoor areas.

Murphy will soon allow restaurants to provide outdoor dining with social distancing measures, starting Monday, June 15.

Locally, Margate is relaxing zoning requirements for restaurants. Some will set up tables in their parking lots.

Ventnor still working on a plan for local eateries like Pulia and Northbeach Cafe to provide outdoor dining on the sidewalks and adjacent parcels of land.

Margate and Ventnor restaurants need to hang on until June 15.

Outdoor food and beverage service requires restaurant owners to post signage about regulations:

  • Max seating of 8 people per table.
  • Tables must six feet apart.
  • No buffets, salad bars or drink stations.
  • Staff must disinfect all tables, chairs.
  • Sneeze guards installed at cash registers, bars.
  • Servers maintain 6-foot distance from patrons.
  • Employees wash hands, daily health checks.
  • Employees wear face coverings and gloves.

The NJ Division of Alcohol Beverage Control will allow restaurants to expand their premises to allow liquor sales in outdoor areas. Licensees must apply for a one-time, temporary permit. Permits, which will cost $75, will expire on Nov. 30.

4 thoughts on “Downbeach Restaurants Prep for Dining Outside Starting June 15”

  1. How will the restaurant servers bring meals to a table when they must stay 6 feet away from patrons at all times?

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