Downbeach Towns Accept $1.3mil in Wind Company Cash

Wind Turbine Margate Ventnor Longport

They call it the Ocean Wind Pro-NJ Grantor Trust. Millions in cash rewards for select coastal towns of South Jersey.

The Pro-NJ Grantor Trust is a $15 million fund established by Ørsted and Ocean Wind, with the goal of ensuring that the offshore wind industry in New Jersey is developed in a sustainable and inclusive way.

Ocean Wind Pro-NJ Grantor Trust

Grant recipients and funded projects, several of which are also receiving funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), are as follows:

Longport – $368,750 to replace and upgrade stormwater piping along Winchester Avenue and sections of 34th Avenue, in addition to replacing pumping equipment and the construction of a new pumping station by 31st Avenue and the bay.

Margate – $446,880 to construct a new, submersible stormwater pump station near the intersection of Adams Avenue and Amherst Avenue, and to construct a sewer interconnection from Washington Avenue to the underground vault.

Ventnor – $546,003 to replace 500 linear feet of failing bulkhead that protects a residential area and water infrastructure under Winchester Avenue and reconstruct the roadway, including sidewalk and curbing replacement.

Avalon – $600,000

Township of Little Egg Harbor – $719,250

Wildwood – $678,015

City of North Wildwood – $507,600

NOTE: Ocean City not on this list. Why not? Maybe due to Ocean City pushback on wind efforts planned for their resort town.

Maddy Urbish, Head of Government Affairs & Marketing Strategy, NJ for Ørsted: “These funds will enable important resiliency projects to come to fruition. In partnership with Ørsted, we join in recognizing the work of the Trustees and Advisory Committee members.”

The initial call for expressions of interest resulted in 17 requests totaling nearly $19 million, more than five times the amount the Trust set aside for the resiliency round.

Seven of the 17 applicants were invited to submit formal applications. Following a comprehensive review led by the Trustees and the Trust’s nine-person volunteer Advisory Board, the Trust decided to increase the allocated funds to $3.9 million to fully fund all seven requests and bring the projects to completion.

The Trust is a $15 million fund established by Ocean Wind 1 following its selection by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities in June 2019 as New Jersey’s first offshore wind farm.

In addition to providing funding for coastal resiliency projects, the Trust offers small, women-owned and minority-owned businesses support in reconfiguring or adapting their businesses to participate in the developing offshore wind industry, with the goal of ensuring that the offshore wind industry in New Jersey is developed in a sustainable and inclusive way.

Details surrounding the Trust’s next Request for Expressions for Interest directed toward New Jersey’s small, women-owned and minority-owned businesses will be published soon at

7 thoughts on “Downbeach Towns Accept $1.3mil in Wind Company Cash”

    1. Yes! Blood money. Also taken by Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, Wetlands Institute, Audubon Society. HYPOCRITES!!

  1. Our government should be doing those grants for shore towns and not dumping billions into flawed wind factories! The web of deceit continues to grow!

  2. I’m appalled by the lack of transparency. You betrayed us. Blood money is right. Corruption at it’s finest. There’s a special place in hell for all of you!

  3. We need the CLEAN energy now. The people opposing these projects haven’t anything to offer in there place but more drilling and more pollution. They’re living in the past we owe our children and grandchildren a clean energy future.

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