Downbeach Traffic Wars; Longport Residents vs Margate Motorists.

Margate’s Mayor Becker.

Some Longport residents want a Do Not Enter sign at the Margate border on Amherst Ave. Others want a summer-only barricade to keep Margate vehicles from driving thru Longport.

At issue, how much negative impact will there be when Margate’s Amherst Ave becomes a one-way street headed toward Longport?

LISTEN TO AUDIO. Concerned residents gathered at a special Longport town hall meeting on March 29.

Longport Town Hall. 3.29.21

Amherst Ave in Margate features a mix of bars, restaurants, boat & jet ski rentals, a floating water park, fishing boats and marinas.

Most expect a great Margate Summer 2021. Lot’s of pent-up demand for The Geator.

We’ll see, hear and feel more delivery trucks, too.

Amherst neighbors.

When the rebuilt Lamberti’s eatery opens later this year, it’ll surely contribute to the traffic congestion. And good luck finding a parking spot.

Public comment from Patrick Armstrong: Margate attractions along Amherst Ave have one exit that exit dumps into Longport. We can’t handle all of that. It’s going to be a speedway exit.

Public comment: Margate approves too many projects that don’t require adequate on-site parking.

Good strategic move by Longport? A way to fight back?

Longport Public Comment: As a deterrent to driving thru Longport, make it inconvenient for drivers. Turn specific streets into one-way streets. Force traffic onto Ventnor and Atlantic Ave.

Longport recommendation. Change traffic patterns in Longport to deter and frustrate Amherst Ave patrons and drivers.

Should Amherst Ave traffic rolling towards Longport be blocked or diverted?

Traffic engineers say approx 2/3 of Amherst Ave vehicles travel towards Longport. Engineers claim the road change won’t hurt Longport.

Longport Planning Board not a fan of Margate’s back-bay project.

Residential parking placards for Longport. Is parking by permit a viable solution?

The so-called Margate Road Diet on Atlantic Ave could make traffic matters worse.

Longport Mayor, Nick Russo, will need to make decision soon.

9 thoughts on “Downbeach Traffic Wars; Longport Residents vs Margate Motorists.”

  1. Longport wants to install a barricade on Amherst Avenue where the two towns meet in order to prevent traffic from entering Longport!

    This will direct ALL traffic traveling south on Amherst to turn left on Coolidge Avenue.

    Amherst Avenue in Longport will become a private, inaccessible road solely for the benefit of the privileged bay front owners.

    This plan will disrupt normal traffic flow to benefit a few with self entitlement.


  2. Fair Minded 2

    My solution to this problem:

    1. Longport & Margate should work in cooperation as good neighbors to find a solution.

    2. Amherst/Sunset Avenue should be one way south bound from Washington Avenue to the Kennedy Bridge in Longport. The west side of this street would include a dedicated bicycle lane, while the east side of the street should provide parking. In order to maintain a reasonable speed, 4-way STOP signs should be installed on 36th & 33rd streets.

    3. Monmouth Avenue should become one way northbound from 32nd street thru Margate.

    4. A “NO RIGHT TURN” sign erected on Coolidge Avenue while traveling east at both Monmouth & Winchester Avenues (This would help direct traffic onto Ventnor & Atlantic Avenues).

    5. Residential Parking Permits (maximum 4) should be issued to ALL HOMEOWNERS who have paid their property taxes from 36th to 33rd (Amherst thru Winchester) streets. (Longport could charge $25 per permit as a revenue source… people would glad contribute to ensure parking spots).

    1. Jeffrey Gordon

      Blocking Amherst at Coolidge would create a safety hazard for emergency vehicles trying to access it past Coolidge. Leave it alone. Summer is busy everywhere in Longport and Margate.

  3. Downbeach express 2

    Solution: put a toll booth there, and let the Hansens own it. They already hold private ownership over one Margate road, give them another. The revenue be more than enough to buy up all the Amherst ave real estate, then they can convert the entire bay front to sober living homes. Then, when Amherst looks like Kensington with heroin needles all over, no one will go to the restaurants and traffic will no longer be an issue.

    1. Never let reality get in the way of some serial exaggeration, huh, Express 2 ? Please feel free to post your pictures of all of the heroin needles around the sober houses in our area. Otherwise, let the adults have reasonable dialogue and return to yelling at your television.

  4. Margate Charlie

    Another example of why people question the integrity of Margate.

    Longport wants to prevent traffic coming in from Margate. Longport has one restaurant, no food stores, or trinket shopping.

    Traffic comes from Longport to Margate to visit the shops and restaurants.

    Longport could just as easily make all streets coming from Amherst one way and make the end of Amherst a parking lot with no way out. Their own road diet so to speak.

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