Downbeach Turtle and Terrapin Talk. Patrolling Margate Causeway.

margate turtle
Saving Margate Terrapins

Kim Lull is from the Margate Terrapin Rescue Project. Saving these back bay creatures is job #1 for Kim, especially during the month of June. This is when mama terrapins try to cross the Downbeach Express in order to lay their eggs.

Many don’t make it across.

Want to learn more about the Margate Terrapin Rescue Project?

Janice Burg-Levi loves talking turtles with Kim Lull. Watch Video>

Margate Terrapin

Margate Terrapin Rescue Project
Dedicated to the conservation of local Diamondback Terrapin populations through the installation of roadside barriers, daily road patrols and education outreach.


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