Downbeach Turtle Crossing 2022, Help Protect Margate Terrapins

Margate Terrapin Turtle Downbeach Express

It’s a sad and gory site each spring; crushed turtles along Margate’s Downbeach Express toll road.

Every year, speeding vehicles kill a substantial number of shelled critters desperately trying to cross the Margate causeway / speedway in order to nest and lay eggs.

margate turtle

Help protect the terrapins. Two miles of vulnerable turtle-crossing areas need to be protected.

8th Annual Roadside Barrier Installation Day on the Margate Causeway. Saturday, May 15, 2022. 8a til 1p.

Learn more at: Margate Terrapin Rescue Project.

Let’s protect terrapins from speeding vehicles on the Downbeach Express toll road.

  • Maintenance on existing barriers.
  • Install new barriers
  • Roadside and marsh cleanup
  • Ensure terrapins have a clean, trash-free habitat.

Volunteers needed to help dig trenches, move and fasten barriers, install fencing along guardrails.

margate turtle crossing terrapin

Volunteers required to sign electronic waiver for every person in your group (including kids) prior to volunteering.

Link to consent waivers: Liability Waiver:

  • Wear bright clothing, long sleeves, long pants, old shoes & gloves.
  • Bring bug spray.
  • Bring shovels, trench shovels
  • Wire cutters, rakes
  • Cordless drills with a phillips drill bit
  • Mallet/hammer
  • Put your name and phone number on all tools you bring.

Drinks and light snacks provided to help fuel your work.

Recommendations to save Downbeach Express Terrapins:

  • Reduced speed during nesting season
  • Flashing, warning lights
  • Toll-taker reminders
  • Public awareness campaign
  • Better lighting
  • Increase funding for tools & materials

The Downbeach Express in Margate was built over an environmentally sensitive area in 1929. Margate Bridge was built by the Ole Hansen Company.

The Margate Terrapin Rescue Project. Find out more on their website.

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