DownbeachBUZZ Real Estate Webcast for Aug 2022

Stabilization of the Downbeach Real Estate market? That’s the question we ask Sherri Lilienfeld of Apex Prime Realty.

Margate and Ventnor have seen, on average, 20-25% year-over-year home price increases. Unsustainable.

  • Average price of Margate home is now $1.8m. Used to be $600k.
  • Margate had 8 price reductions last month.
  • Ventnor inventory rose from 51 last month, to 66 in Aug.
  • Ventnor saw 20 price reductions.
  • Ventnor median home price is now $837k

There’s growing demand for moderately priced homes in the Downbeach area.

Sherri Lilienfeld, Apex Prime Realty

What is a Buyer’s Agent?

Do some over-promise what they can sell your house for? If priced too high, you get less showings and a longer time on market.

Should I invest in commercial property? It’s all about the numbers and cash flow. No emotion.

Want your investment to appreciate over time? Is positive cash flow more important?

Short-Term Rental Pros & Con

Pickleball Savior of Shuttered Malls

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