Dune Contractors Full of It. False Claims of Slashed Tires & Poop Attack.

The Margate Police Department put those rumors to rest.  Representatives from a  Ventnor Social Media group shared the following:

Just got off the phone with Margate PD Captain Bergeron, who was kind enough to ask around and save me the trouble of filing an OPRA request. 

He advised that the only incident logged by MCPD involved somebody taking down the railings from a post and rail fence on one of the beaches. 

The lumber was left right next to the fence. Not stolen. He advised that he heard the story about the “Mad Pooper” from a member of MCBP who, in turn, had heard it from one of the workmen on the project. 

Army Corps’ contractors were asked to file reports of any incidents with law-enforcement and agreed that this would be done. There are no reports of slashed tires nor of numerous incidents. The only formal report involves the fencing.

The rumor and #FakeNews started with social media posts like this:

A group of guys finishing up the DUNES PROJECT happened to be checking out some things right around where I was sitting. I asked them a question, clearly seeing in their faces that they were tired of being ATTACKED by downbeach residents ALL SUMMER, I could tell that they weren’t sure HOW to respond to me.
I told them I was TRULY just curious about the work, and assured them I was grateful for the fact that they are working to TRY to save our beaches/Boardwalk and thanked them for moving the project along as fast as they could. Their faces relaxed, and they answered my question.

**PLEASE KNOW-I am NOT trying to debate whether or NOT we should even HAVE DUNES here.***
That ‘TRAIN has SAILED’- as we jokingly like to say in my house😉😂.

One guy just said, at this point, very methodically:
” I have a wife and 4 children to support. I just do what my boss tells me”.
Can’t argue with a man simply DOING HIS JOB, and trying to earn a living, right?🤔🙂

These guys were all very nice, but clearly OVER residents harassing them everyday.
I apologized for the people that took their anger out on these guys, and explained that those who live here do not ALL feel that way, or ACT LIKE THAT.

Once they knew I wasn’t THE ENEMY, they began to share some of what took place while they worked in Margate.

They said they had slit tires and lots of different types of damage done to their trucks/equipment,apparently on several occasions. Pretty much DAILY. THEN- one guy told me something I can HARDLY BELIEVE, but he swore it was true.

He said that: Someone went into the cabin area of one of their LARGER trucks, TOOK A DUMP, ( YES- A POO💩, in other words) on the drivers seat, and then proceeded to SMEAR THE FECES ALL OVER THE INSIDE OF THE TRUCK!😵😮😣🤔 (Again- apparently ALL of these things took place while in Margate, from what they said🤔😳).

They said that ALL OF THEM FEEL LIKE THEY CAN’T get out of here FAST ENOUGH!
Can you blame them?????
These are men who work ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, and have LOTS of problems with people not wanting them there. Sadly, they said, they’d had some of the worst stuff people had done to them, while HERE, on our little island.
I think that’s a DISGRACE!

And ONCE AGAIN – This disgusting INCIDENT ALSO HELD UP the project, since they had to hire professional CLEANERS to clean/ sanitize the truck after that horrible mess, and were a truck short for most of them day.😵😢 Now, I ask you,WHO DOES SUCH A DISGUSTING THING?!?!?