Early Stages of Building Boom in Ventnor?

Ventnor City

Some suggest Ventnor could be on the verge of a nice little building boom. We tend to agree.

One such sign of a burgeoning boom is the now occupied townhouse & condo project called THE WAVES. A group of savvy and well-known investors saw a great deal and jumped on it.

Total no-brainer to say good-bye to the old Monaco Motel and say hello to the start of Real Estate renaissance in Ventnor City via THE WAVES.

Need more proof that Ventnor is poised for plenty of new construction & property upgrades? Well, check this out….

Better views & lower insurance rates. Those are just a few of the benefits that Ventnor property owners will enjoy if/when commissioners OK some new recommendations from the planning board.

The Code Enforcement department informed the commissioners about some proposed changes that will likely accelerate investment in local Ventnor properties.

Ventnor Commissioners look ready to green-light plans to let property owners build higher, have garages underneath their living space, and have decks off the back of their loftier homes. In addition, a forthcoming proposed ordinance will likely be designed to reduce, eliminate and/or streamline variances and hearing procedures.

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The old zoning rules said new homes or expansions had to be constructed 2 feet above base flood elevation. The NEW zoning rules allow homeowners to reduce their flood insurance rates by building up to 4 feet over base flood elevation, with allowable roof height measured from that new level.

A few, new parking spaces may emerge as homeowners can build with first floor elevations being increased to 9 feet above the curb line. This would allow for a garage beneath the property.

Ventnor Margate Real Estate

Ventnor homeowners may soon be able to build a small raised deck up to 6 feet into rear setback lines. The max depth of a rear deck would be 6 feet.

Ventnor also considering landscaping ordinance for new construction & expansion. (similar to Margate)

  • Use of native plant species & grass
  • Install of two trees of pre-approved species
  • Tree installs optional on beach blocks
  • Landscaping on 25% of lot
  • Shrubs based on lot width
  • Prohibit white stone yards. Stones to be used as accent feature only

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