EHT Keeps Seaview Harbor Tax Revenue Away From Longport

Seaview Harbor. Longport.
Seaview Harbor.

A New Jersey appeals court disappointed Seaview Harbor residents this week. The 98 home community between Longport & Somers Point wanted to break away from Egg Harbor Twp, and join Longport instead.

Waterfront Seaview Harbor wanted the sizable savings of leaving higher-taxed Egg Harbor Twp, and joining much lowered-taxed, Longport.

Longport has lower taxes, in large part, by not having a school system to support.

Longport Seaview harbor

The decision, announced on Dec. 29, upheld a 2020 court ruling.

Seaview Harbor is too far from main portion of EHT. We’re closer to Longport. More in common with Longport.

Seaview Residents

EHT didn’t want to lose the revenue. A tax hike would have been inevitable for the remaining EHT residents. On the other hand, Seaview Harbor resident real estate bills would be substantially reduced if they joined Longport.

Critics allege Seaview Harbor wanted de-annexation just for tax savings, also called ‘tax shopping.’

Former Egg Harbor Township Mayor Sonny McCullough, at one-time lived-in Seaview Harbor. Sonny now lives in Atlantic City. I told Seaview Harbor not to waste their money — judge won’t let you leave higher-taxed EHT, for lower-taxed join Longport.


4 thoughts on “EHT Keeps Seaview Harbor Tax Revenue Away From Longport”

    1. Their legal case was weak which was why it was ultimately rejected as it should have been. But be honest – if you had a way to petition to lower your taxes, you wouldn’t explore that option too?

  1. As a resident of Seaview Harbor I was disappointed in the appellate court’s decision as we have much more in common with Longport. We are a shore community that is not continuous with Egg Harbor Township and must travel through either Somers Point or Linwood to get to EHT.

    When we call for emergency services Longport responds with their Police, Fire and ambulance.

    When my wife had fallen and fractured her back, Longport Mayor Nick Russo arrived within minutes in the ambulance to lend assistance. My mailing address is Longport, my driver’s license and vehicle’s registration is Longport. In fact, just about everything is listed as Longport.

    Reduction in our property Taxes were a consideration, but only as an added benefit in our quest to become part of Longport.

    1. So like you have said anonymous – your emergency services are fine… so i’s a combination of greedy tax-shopping, and a best, a vanity project so you can say you’re from “Longport.” Enough already

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