Election Day Includes Vote on Ventnor Liquor Sales


Good or bad….having ability to purchase a glass of wine with dinner at a Ventnor restaurant? On NOV 8, we’ll pick a new president, decide on casino expansion, and will consider Ventnor liquor licenses.

What would a Ventnor liquor “YES” vote mean? It would authorize the City of Ventnor to issue liquor licenses to up to three restaurants within the city limits.

Existing BYO restaurants would not be affected. Patrons would still be able to bring wine and beer to those establishments. Nightclubs or bar only establishments will not be included in the three licenses and cannot be added to Ventnor.

The current Ventnor commissioners believe there is much benefit from the sale of beer, wine and liquor in a restaurant setting within the commercially zoned areas of Ventnor.

Others, like Rich Gober of Ventnor, disagree. Gober opposes Ventnor liquor licenses.

Gober: As a very involved Ventnor resident for over 35 years I think we have done just fine being a BYOB community. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Access to alcohol in restaurants would bring an increase in DWI issues that often lead to injuries to innocent people. People drink more when all they have to say is “bring me another scotch and water.” When a customer finishes a bottle of wine that they brought to a BYOB restaurant, they’re done. No second and third drinks. Passing this issue would be devastating to existing package goods stores. The public should vote no on public question No. 3.

Proponents of liquor-friendly restaurants in Ventnor believe it could spur economic development, housing, jobs, shopping, culture, entertainment, and Ventnor Tourism.

What a YES vote means on Question #3:

  • Allows a maximum of three restaurants to serve alcohol within existing Ventnor business districts.
  • Will be sold to highest bidder in an auction setting as is customary for these licences.
  • Will NOT change or inhibit “Bring Your Own” restaurants from operating in any way.
  • Will NOT be allowed in a nightclub or bar only setting. Must be in a restaurant.The Ventnor administration hopes this will be one additional reason people will want to invest, visit and live in Ventnor.

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