Enlightened Cafe in Ventnor Closing, Making Way for Playa Bowls.

Enlightened Cafe. Playa Bowls. Ventnor.
Closing Feb 28, 2022

After 4 years in business, owner Jennifer Hansen has announced the closing of her Enlightened Café on Ventnor Ave in Ventnor.

We want to thank all of our wonderful guests and employees for supporting us over these past 4 years.

Jennifer Hansen

Hansen says there will still be recovery meetings, workshops and yoga in the back room of that location.

The last day of Enlightened Cafe will be February 28. Stop by from 4-7p for a free food buffet, live music and some time for open jamming among friends.

What will take the place of Enlightened Cafe in Ventnor?

Since Hansen is passionate about health, she has leased the space to Playa Bowls. They serve healthy, delicious açaí, pitaya, coconut bowls and smoothies with sustainability and community in mind. 

Playa Bowls is New Jersey’s original acai superfruit bowl cafe with over 100 locations nationwide.

Playa Bowls specializes in Acai Bowls, Pitaya Bowls, Green Bowls, Juices, Smoothies, and more.

Learn more about Playa Bowls here.

23 thoughts on “Enlightened Cafe in Ventnor Closing, Making Way for Playa Bowls.”

    1. Perhaps if you don’t like the bridge, then you should use a different one? Or put together millions and buy it from them. Or more likely just keep whining.

  1. She could care less about health.
    It is all about the money.
    6 Sober Living homes in Ventnor and AC.
    Moving in and doing construction on Tallahassee on Christmas day for another home.

  2. Bib W is right on target!! To many of these homes on Ventnor! Reducing our property value!! Go find houses off shore out in the woods in the quiet where it should be. Not around commercial businesses & children!!

    1. How does it reduce your property value. What do you know about recovery houses. Why not around businesses or children. How do you know who is in recovery and who isn’t. Before you make ugly assumptions on what you think do some homework on what a sober living house is and does. People you come in contact with everyday could be one of those people who live in a sober living home. Could be your Doctor, Dentist, Rabbi, Priest,Your child’s teacher, your mailman, how uneducated you are.

      1. Yeah, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but property values have gone up astronomically in the past few years. Sober houses really don’t have any effect on the real estate market. We have one near us and there’s never been a problem.

  3. I love the work she’s doing, and I love that she’s leasing to Playa Bowls. It’s great that the recovery meetings and yoga will continue. I’ll miss Enlightened, but Playa Bowls is excellent. All good news for the community.

  4. Sorry to see you go. It seemed you were providing good work for people while providing great food. Glad you’re still using the back space for the recovery community.

  5. Maybe if they would have created a restaurant that actually catered to the community, rather than her narrow vision of some hippie California restaurant it would have been sustainable. Glad to know the cloud of smoke and cursing outside from the recovery meetings will continue.

  6. The community at large does not care if this restaurant goes out of business – never saw many customers in there. The community does not support Jennifer Hansen’s real estate ventures, disguised as sober living houses. She is not a valuable member of the Ventnor community.

      1. Thanks Ellen. My wife and I were regulars, and there were always plenty of customers (members of the community) that will miss Enlightened Cafe.

  7. I always felt creeped out walking by the cafe. one time I ate there knowing that they were all addicts of some type. Couldn’t help but look at them and try to guess what type of drugs they did, did they live on the streets, commit a crime for drugs or are they dangerous? I feel terrible saying that but it’s the truth.

    I’m sure that most people that ate at the cafe had the same thoughts running through their minds.

    We don’t want to live with them and I am pretty sure they can feel that vibe from the community.

    1. As to your broad assertion that “we” don’t want to live with them and that they can feel the vibe from the community, I’m wondering me if you can enlighten me with the Lotto numbers tomorow, or the results of the basketball games on Sunday. Again, it’s your opinion, and one you’re assuming the community all shares.

      Pray that no one you know or love is affected by addiction.

    2. This is a horrible sentiment. I JUST found out that the cafe closed after moving out of the area and am devastated. I used to make trips to Ventnor any time I was back in the area, JUST to visit this cafe.

      The cafe is exactly what community needed, and could likely use a few less people like yourself.

  8. Instead of saying “how nice” that these workers are trying to help lift themselves from their problem and help themselves become responsible, working adults, others want to speak for the community and say they are creeper out! Tell me, what if it were your child, brother, sister, who had an addiction and was trying to get back from the hell they face, would you say the same???

  9. Indigogypsysoul

    That’s a terrible statement. Not all who patron ES is a drug addict t. It was a ni e relaxing place to go grab a bite to eat. Join in a drum circle etc. I dont k ow much about the owner but your comments are in left field.

  10. Wow. Seeing the comments on this post is horrifying. I visited this community as a guest and found this cafe by accident. Without knowing the story behind it, I ordered my meal and sat down to a very relaxing, peaceful and positive atmosphere. Food was great. Customer service was excellent. I later learned that the employees, or some of them, are in recovery.

    Having many close friends and family who have struggled with addiction – people who I love dearly and would do anything for anyone; truly wonderful souls – this made me feel like this community was a wonderful, welcoming place. Reading these comments makes me realize I was wrong. This cafe was a diamond in the rough. I’m appalled that people in this community feel like this place was anything BUT a move in the right direction. Not to mention, the surrounding area is basically on the verge of blight. Won’t be making a stop on Ventnor – or whatever it’s called – on my trip to Margate this year. Good luck with your property values – this place was adding value to your community.

    1. ^ this is the most accurate and relatable statement on this entire article.

      I discovered it in a similar way while briefly living in the area a few years ago. I’m devastated to see this cafe go. I was just looking up it’s hours trying to make a return visit.

      If only the community was more respectful and understanding and *enlightened*, maybe such a wonderful safe haven of love and respect would’ve been able to survive and brighten the community.

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