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My name is Jennifer and I am a recovering addict.  My addiction took me to places I never imagined.  I lived on the streets with a $300 per day heroin habit.  With dark circles under my eyes and track marks along my arms, I felt dead; my soul was gone.  At the time, life seemed hopeless.  After several attempts at rehabilitation, I finally entered a women’s transitional facility in California where I began to gather the tools I needed to live without drugs.  I stayed in California for 2+ years while working and participating in 12-step recovery before returning to NJ.

Upon my return, I saw the void in resources in NJ and began on my mission to give others the tools and opportunities that made my recovery possible.  In 2001, I formed the Hansen Foundation and since then we have opened over 180 beds for those seeking recovery with the Hansen Houses, Serenity Houses & Serenity Estates.

Drug free since March 3, 1996, I continue to keep my recovery my number one priority.  I practice yoga regularly and believe in eating healthy organic foods.  I have been excited to incorporate many holistic therapies into our newly-formed treatment program at Enlightened Solutions with the help of Hope Farm.

Jennifer Hansen

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Family support groups, Community yoga and meditation classes, Peer-to-peer recovery support services, and 12-step meetings.

Rooted in a health mindset, Enlightened Café mission is to bring the recovery community together