Essex Ave BOCCA Takeover Approved by Margate Commissioners

essex ave. bocca
Essex Ave Take-Over

Will Margate Commissioners face legal action for shutting down a public street for the entire summer? Why special treatment for a private business?

Did Mayor Becker, along with Commissioners Amodeo and Blumberg, forget about Margate residents? Taxpayers? Homeowners?

Lou Friedman, owner of Bocca restaurant, supports expanding his business onto adjacent Essex Ave.

During the Commission meeting of June 3, Friedman said Margate should close this part of Essex Ave for good. The Bocca owner says it’s too dangerous at the intersection of Essex and Ventnor Ave.

Chaos. People almost getting killed, says Friedman. Out of control.

Essex Take-Over Talk. June 3, 2021.

If you ask me, that street should be permanently shut down.

Lou Friedman, owner BOCCA.

The Bocca Essex takeover vote was a consent agenda item at the June 3 meeting. Something that’s supposed to be non-controversial.

A motion approving the Consent Agenda is moved, seconded & voted upon as one item by the Board of Commissioners.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Essex Ave takeover by a private business is definitely controversial. The 3 Amigos strike again.

Margate Becker Ed Berger
Becker & Berger

Margate Business Association’s Ed Berger supports the Essex Ave take-over by Bocca.

Berger wants Margate homeowners to assist in helping Bocca rebound financially, and says taxpayers must help business recoup their losses of past 14 months.

Berger’s MBA Business organization is a Margate taxpayer funded operation receiving approx $95,000 per year.

Margate OK with Essex Ave Takeover by Bocca.

  • Erect large tent across entire street
  • Serve food & drink
  • Provide music and entertainment

PUBLIC COMMENT: Safety issues. Alcohol in public streets. Near kids. Unsafe. Beyond absurd.

2 days notice. Railroad this thing thru. Kept on the down low. Block party all summer long.

North Essex Ave in Margate getting closed again? BOCCA Restaurant wants to, once again, expand outdoors for Summer 2021.

margate essex ave bocca

Public right of way; North Essex Ave, at corner of Ventnor Ave in Margate.

Neighbors are livid. They hate the idea. Other Margate businesses now demanding same, sweet deal as Bocca.

Margate’s Mayor Becker, along with Commissioners Maury Blumberg & John Amodeo, not very concerned with public opinion in this matter, say residents and neighbors.

Nothing worse than local business and commissioners hiding behind expired pandemic rules.

Margate Commissioners could face legal action?

Mike Richmond: I didn’t choose to live near a commercial district. Street blocked off for a couple months. No big deal. Anything we can do to help Bocca.

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32 thoughts on “Essex Ave BOCCA Takeover Approved by Margate Commissioners”

  1. “Berger wants Margate homeowners to assist in helping Bocca rebound. Berger says taxpayers must help business recoup losses of past 14 months.”

    Ummm no. Bocca got $150,000-350,000 PPP loan.

    I don’t mind closing the street – I wish they would shut down Amherst Ave in the summer too – it’s a great atmosphere when they do for events.

    But let’s not pretend Bocca didn’t have a phenomenal summer once the outdoor dining opened up last year. They got PPP $ – that was taxpayer support.

  2. Totally agree this is ridiculous and as a local home owner quite disturbing and unwarranted. Block party and free rent at our expense.

  3. I have not been to Bocca in over 6 years because he cheated my friend out of a purchased gift certificate. I can’t help but wonder how much $ was gained because he could not verify her purchase and would not accept her proof of purchase. Bocca does not need my help to recoup.

  4. In my mind, Bocca is a rip-off. Sh*t pours for high retail costs. This has been the way they operate for several years prior to COVID. It is my last resort for a meal!

  5. Real shame what they are allowing them to do for no reason except to help out the owner.

  6. This has got to be a joke. When you go to the polls remember to not vote for your mayor. How can you all put up with this.

  7. Michael Resnick

    If Margate Commissioners can do this to residents of Essex Ave, it could happen to any of us. Why special treatment for Bocca?

    The Bocca owner raised safety issues. Are you kidding me? It seemed dangerous driving by on Ventnor with all the outdoor activity.

    How about property value diminishment on Essex? Who would want to buy on that street. It’s just wrong!

  8. Margate gave away valuable land & public access water rights to Lamberti’s. This all belonged to the people of Margate.

    That property, Lamberti’s, is actually built on what is a SIDEWALK (take a closer look).

    Now, as I understand it, the bank has taken back this property and it is in foreclosure.

    Only 1/2 completion (Lamberti’s).

    When will Margate stop letting restaurants take control of our town?

  9. They killed weed biz too

    Done in the name of helping business, while prohibiting marijuana business to keep the “family town” image for Margate.

    What exactly about shutting down the street for sloppy drunks conveys a “family town” image?

    Drugs are ok as long as it’s booze apparently.

  10. After 32 years as a part-time resident (5 months) we sold our condo.

    This is not the same Margate we’ve supported and enjoyed for so many years. Each year gets worse.

    The politics, the unruly crowds, the high priced restaurants that treat you like they’re doing you a favor.

    Best move we’ve made. Good Luck to all of you this summer.

  11. This is another form of the LAMBERTI deal. It does make one wonder what’s in it for them.

    Surely, we know, it’s not in the interest of Margate residents. We the homeowners only pay real estate taxes to support their wages. Why listen to us?

    This BOCCA deal seems to be illegal. Closing a street for a private business gain?

    They said it’s for Margate’s gain? Really?

    Are we that ignorant? Another precedent established. What next and on what street?

  12. Gasman. 34 year resident

    The Pandemic is over. Do not close the streets. Give every restaurant the same benefits. The taxpayers are getting screwed at every turn by the “Commissioners”

  13. Absolutely inappropriate. Safety issue & unfair to Essex homeowners. Terrible decision.

  14. All comments above are poignant and sensible. Follow the money. It’s a shame. I always liked Mayor Becker of Margate.

  15. Way to go Mayor Becker! You show those stinking entitled taxpayers who’s boss.

    Those 30 families that own homes on N Essex have no right to complain. You don’t owe them a damn thing. The three stooges know what’s best.

    That’s why… not one of you three pr-cks … ever said a word or asked the opinion of those N Essex peons last year or this year. They’re gonna have to just frickin take it. Right?

    Funny how those folks who supported the street closure last year thinking it was a one year thing, to help out good ole friendly Lou.

    You all gave them the wood hard and deep on that one. Haha it’s funny right?

    What’s the big deal over disrespecting those Essex Ave suckers anyway?

    Those rubes gotta learn who’s boss and are gonna just have to take what you three geniuses give them.

  16. Isn’t Essex Ave. one way towards Ventnor Ave? How do residents get off their street?

  17. This approval is so outrageous that there must be some “incentive” for the commissioners to agree to it. And, of course, over objections of the residents.
    Create a legal fund to fight it! I’ll be first to contribute.

  18. Lou, owner of Bocca, is truly the epitome of a person who is desensitized to any other{s} whom own a property.

    People that own properties on Essex Ave bought there thinking that they’d be “allowed access” to their own homes and driveways.

    Those individuals are screwed.

    Blocking off that part of Essex Ave ‘for good’, shows that Lou doesn’t care about America at all.

    Margate City Commissioners are truly not keeping in mind those people that live in that block matter.

    What a disgrace . Brutal .

  19. I will NEVER go to this restaurant ever again. When they have empty tables because of their stupidity and greed, they will fold up the tent.

    Margate sucks, it has slowly turned into Wildwood.

  20. There’s only one reason to give a public street to a person who is only going to profit from it.

    How much do they get and how are they going to hide the money?

    I thought this was America where people vote on things like this.

    There are elections on June 8 let the people vote on it!

  21. Does it ever stop with Mayor Becker and his two cohort’s hidden agendas? These three clowns are sneaky and unfeeling to the Margate taxpayers they are suppose to represent. Watch out Margate homeowners, you might be next to be expendable and not considered worth recognizing in their grand schemes and lies. Vote these knuckleheads out when their time is up!

  22. I loved Bocca, and spent lots of money there in the past- but will boycott staring now, and encourage my friends and fam to do the same. Picket signs anyone?!

  23. Every week something new to ruin this once great city. Family has been here for 97 years and thinking it might be time to sell

  24. Debbie, Margate property values are at an all time high, with demand outstripping supply for your “ruined” town. You seriously think your empty threat to sell/move is meaningful?

  25. We will no longer patronize Bocca as a result of this abuse of property owners and residents on Essex. As for the commissioners’ approval, tucking this item into a consent agenda is a disgrace. One does wonder why the owners of one business have been given such latitude, although it shouldn’t be a surprise, given the permission provided to Lamberti’s for its grotesque growth and infringement on public space.

  26. Mike

    I would call for an investigation into this deal. Something smells rotten with these 3 crooks and Bocca follow the money trail.

  27. Yes, Libby, I totally agree with you. They say follow the path. It is usually money and power. They go hand in hand. Money is the ROOT of all EVIL, and it remain that way.

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