Fast Growth of Downbeach Pickleball

Ventnor Pickleball
Ventnor has 7 pickleball courts.

Pickleball. Some call it a poor man’s version of tennis, an oversized ping-pong game. Others call it fun.

Downbeach Dink. Pickleball in Margate, Ventnor and Longport.

Fair warning. Once you try pickleball, you may get hooked. Fairly easy to immediately have fun. You might even put away the tennis racket.

Why is Pickleball the fastest growing sport?

  • Relatively easy to learn.
  • Generally less expensive to play
  • Wide range of ages & skill levels
  • A very social sport (open play)
Ventnor Open Play. Players Line Up.

Pickleball is social.

Open Play: This is where players of all skill levels sign up for a set time period. Usually 60-90 mins. Multiple players rotate in and out.

Imagine platonic speed-dating with a paddle. Imagine 40 players playing doubles. Winner gets to play another set. After two games, winner rotates out.

No need set up a game and court time. Just join the group. You’ll likely meet total strangers on the court, but you make friends fast. Pickleball is like that. Most will share tips and a little strategy too.

Colder weather approaching. Where to play?

After a wicked hot summer, Pickleballers welcome the cooler fall. Some play outside in much colder weather.

What Pickleball skill level are you?

2 thoughts on “Fast Growth of Downbeach Pickleball”

  1. To Mayor and leadership of Ventnor: Ventnor Heights sometimes feels forgotten in upgrades for city.

    Any thoughts on utilizing empty parking lot (rarely used) on Balfour and Surry as a site for additional pickle ball courts?

    It definitely would spruce up park and get Heights local (voters) feeling less forgotten.

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