Former Margate Mayor Suggests ‘Team Blumberg’ Vulnerable

Listen to Former Margate Mayor.

Former Margate Mayor, Vaughan Reale took to the airwaves and shared his views on the upcoming Margate City election.

LISTEN. From Harry Hurley. WPG Radio. April 26, 2023.

Biggest issues in Margate .

  • Lack of architectural integrity. Over-development.
  • Moved public meetings from 6:30p to inconvenient 4p.
  • Blumberg, Becker & Amodeo stopped live video streaming of public meetings.
  • Residents get no response during public comment.
  • Mayor Becker doesn’t always answer questions. All depends who’s asking.

If you didn’t like the job Blumberg, Becker and Amadeo did, there’s a real opening for Tesler, Singer and Calvarese in Margate.

Harry Hurley. WPG Radio. April 26, 2023

Blumberg selling doors. Colmar selling supplies. (Horn sells electrical services)

During the radio segment, former Mayor of Margate, Vaughan Reale alleges Blumberg’s ticket wrongly calls challengers ‘out of towners’.

Margate Deserve Better. Enough is enough. Need for new blood. Too many engineer-driven projects. Nepotism is ruining Margate.

Lamberti Amherst Bayfront. ‘Margate City allowed destruction of the bayside view. That monstrosity should have never been approved.

What they did to Cookie Til. Robbed the whole dining room of a sunset view from Steve and Cookies. ‘Poor municipal governance’ says former Mayor of Margate, Vaughan Reale.

Lamberti margate amherst

Margate is only city I know that actually put in a traffic circle in the past 10 years.

Former Margate Mayor, Vaughan Reale.

One of the biggest issues in Margate: the architecture and size of buildings that are going up. Lack of architectural integrity. They (residents) squarely blaming previous administration. (Blumberg, Becker, Amodeo)

Former Margate Mayor, Vaughan Reale.

10 thoughts on “Former Margate Mayor Suggests ‘Team Blumberg’ Vulnerable”

  1. The current administration Becker, Amodeo and Blumberg and their picked team of Mike Collins who is Tom Collins son, Amodeo’s son in law and Becker’s nephew reeks of family continuation of the current administration is disgraceful! Nepotism will continue in Margate!

    Kathy Horn may be very nice but she was quoted recently as saying that she has no idea what she is doing in this but was forced to be the woman on the ticket by the current administration, Are you kidding me?

    Blumberg has got to go. He was the odd man out for all the years he sat as a commissioner and did and said nothing.

    Let’s not forget the RX crimes and he as the Commissioner of finance claimed he knew nothing! That was his job.

    I am so glad he ranked 3rd in his middle school class. Who tells voters that?

    Vote these guys in and our town will continue to lose the wonderful residential quality of life we have enjoyed for years as a residential community and we will lose the great character of the homes we cherish.

    If the old boys ticket wins, here come the hotels and short term weekly rentals and our wonderful town will become a transient town like Wildwood and Ocean City as they want and have written into the Master Plan.

    Go to page 152 section 10.2 READ IT.

    I say no and I hope you vote them out. This town needs new leadership and not a continuation of the same old boys network.

  2. Tired strings of agenda driven allegations and exaggerations . The RX oversight is state controlled out and has of Trenton. I don’t agree with many of the decisions but they doesn’t make them corrupt. Vote for who you want, the sad fact remains grumpy old locals longing for the 70’s won’t vote anyway if patterns continue.

    That small-town feel of bygone eras won’t be able to sustain itself or businesses without massive tax increases. You have merit in your points, but lost in the hyperbole and exaggeration is ignoring a lot of the financial realities paid for via second homeowners and vacation taxes and spending.

    1. Seasonal homeowners who make up 75% of tax base are footing bill so all homeowners can enjoy great services all year long.

      Current administration had no time, ears or caring for the 2nd homeowners. I believe that if the Blumberg slate gets elected it will be more of the same and worse!

      Taxes will have to go up and soon.

      We can’t build at the level we are building and with the Master plan calling for hotels and more short term rentals without money being spent on infrastructure.

      Margate CFO has stated that city needs our surplus to cover salaries and benefits.

      Higher taxes are coming!

      One public employee worked 600 hours of overtime last year . Another over 300 hours. We will need additional employees to upgrade and keep up with the infrastructure in Margate.

      Our experience rating for our health plan that is in the NJ State health plan is well over 100% of claims paid vs premiums paid. We are so bad that not one carrier will take on Margate as a health plan.

      Now we are forced to stay in the NJ State health plan and we will have an increase of over 20% for new premiums. Our cost will rise to over $42,000.00 per family covered vs a private plan that could provide the same benefits at $32,000.00 per year.

      Past years experience is shared with our city CFO and Blumberg, the head of city finance. He knew back when the RX scam was going on and so did the other two commissioners.

      We are now going to pay the price as other municipalities will throughout NJ.

      Yes inflation is contributing too.

      This massive increase will be paid for by the Margate employees who will now be charged a higher premium for their share and the city will pay higher premiums too.


      Basis economics. Higher cost for services, salaries and benefits and higher taxes.

      Just a few months ago and knowing an election was coming up, the current commissioners gave out huge salary increases and Longevity pay to many city employees.

      At times like this maybe a little less should have been awarded. Those raises bought votes at the expense of all of Margate homeowners.

      Many long time residents in Margate will be forced from their beloved homes and the town they grew up in and raised their families due to higher taxation.

      1. I guarantee the higher overtime was from all the winter water calls when they need to respond at night when summer residents don’t properly shut off outside faucets.

  3. Tear that monster down! It should never have been approved. Destroyed the bay and need real limits on building (heights and styles) and create open space.

  4. K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid!

    16 year Mayors or Council members are not needed. Creates too much ‘good old boys’ politics.

    You need term limits in Margate and everywhere.

    Enough is enough. 16 years in office. Ouch! time for change!

    Richard Gober

  5. As a developer in Seattle I tend to hold my opinion on the design and virtues of development to the community. I suppose with age that sensitivity filter has been difficult to maintain. It’s hard to not see that monstrosity along that bay and question both the developer and city officials and wonder WTF were they thinking? For the record, I build very large modern homes and subdivisions in Seattle area. However I live in a remodeled 1958 home in Clyde Hill and a better than average 1924 remodeled home in Ventnor. I like them old and imperfect. Margate, Ventnor and every other beach town has lost their way with over development and promoting new construction with zero character and integrity. The neighborhoods suffer. Not sure the answer since it’s supply and demand and codes that allow pretty much anything. Covering these lots with developments as shown on Margate’s Bay show little thought other than to maximize ROI which I would question. I love the island but I’m reconsidering my commitment to the island. 60 years being local even at great distance may come to an end.

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