Former Ventnor WAWA Reborn as Indoor Pickleball Court

Around 5 years ago, retired Ventnor fireman, Bill Lacovara discovered pickleball. It’s one of America’s fastest growing sports.

A few years later, Lacovera decided to invest in his favorite sport.


He acquired the former WAWA on Dorset Ave and converted the property into an indoor pickleball court.

Simple Per-Hour Pricing

  • Mon-Fri: 55min gameplay, $30
  • Sat-Sun: 55min gameplay, $40
  • Single Lesson: PPR-Certified Coaches w/court fees $75
  • Doubles Lesson: PPR-Certified Coaches w/court fees $100
  • 3-4 Person Lesson: PPR-Certified Coaches w/court fees $125

Book reservation:

Call: 609-517-5003

Ventnor Pickleball Lobster

Practice with Lobster III

State-of-art ball machine.

10-60 mph speeds and 2-12 sec intervals. Feeds both sides of court.

Ventnor Pickleball
Former Dorset Ave WAWA

Bill & Maryann Lacovara are the proud owners of Performance Pickleball in Ventnor, NJ.

In additional to being a retired Deputy Chief of the Ventnor Fire Department, Bill Lacovera is owner of Lacovara Public Adjusters.

Balls, paddles, shirts, and towels available for sale.

Ventnor Pickleball
Learn More.

Performance Pickleball in Ventnor. Now open at 301 N. Dorset Ave. (Corner of Dorset and Calvert Ave.)

7 thoughts on “Former Ventnor WAWA Reborn as Indoor Pickleball Court”

  1. Hi Bill. I love playing in your indoor court! I am still not sure how to organize a game and find three more players. I want to play the Friday after Thanksgiving, November 26th. I can play at any time. I am an advanced beginner player. How would that work? Thanks! Lori

    1. Perhaps you should call the venue and ask? Or email them? Guessing they aren’t handling scheduling via replies to an article about them…

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