Give Thanks for Downbeach Deli’s Complete Turkey Dinners

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Imagine a complete Thanksgiving dinner that serves up to 12 people without having to lift a finger in the kitchen.

Reach out to Downbeach Deli on S. Essex Ave in Margate to find out more.

(609) 823-7310

Downbeach Deli Thanksgiving Menu

10-12 lb Turkey Carved with stuffing, turkey gravy, string bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, butternut squash soup, dinner rolls, pickles and pumpkin pie. $224.95

Roast Turkey Special Serves 10-12 people 16-18 lb. turkey, carved with stuffing, turkey gravy and cranberry sauce. $125.95

Individual Turkey Dinner Turkey with stuffing, turkey gravy, string beans, sweet potato, cranberry sauce, chicken noodle soup, bread, butter and pickles. $18.95

Delicious Sides:

  • Sweet Potato Casserole – $17.95
  • String Bean Casserole – $18.95

Classic Desserts:

  • Pumpkin Pie – $15.95
  • Apple Pie – $18.95

Downbeach Deli is a restaurant and catering service that specializes in party platters, deli trays, sub platters, smoked fish, NY style Jewish cuisine & more.

30 years of experience serving up favorite Jewish delicatessen items.

Call Downbeach Deli: (609) 823-7310


Over 35 years.

I always get good food with friendly service when I dine there. I have been going here for over 35 years.

Large menu, Great food, Healthy options

Downbeach Deli Passover meal was absolutely great! The food (brisket dinner) was delicious, the portions were generous. Your holiday meal definitely cheered us! Thanks to Buddy and crew!

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