Glenn Klotz Talks Margate Dune, Beach and Outfall Deal for 2018

Listen to Podcast: It’s not over yet. In some ways..the Margate Beach & Dune fun has just begun. Will a new outfall beach drainage project affect the summer of 2018?

We talk to long time Margate resident & dune guru, Glenn Klotz. We dig into that deal with the devil, reluctantly signed on OCT 19 by the Margate Commissioners.

Glenn Klotz: Margate Citizens Questioning the Dune Project

Approving another beach & dune construction project on this part of Absecon island.

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The NJ DEP & The Army Corp of Engineers will soon rip up the entire length of margate beaches, to install a full blown network of outfall drainage pipes.

The Army Corps will pay 100% of the cost…but Margate will take responsibility for maintenance & upkeep moving forward.

  • As a deal sweetener, a deal with the devil….margate wont be forced to get regular renourishments….every few years….pumping sand on the heach.
  • But with a dune cutting the heach in half….and erosion chewing up the front beach, margate will likely still need renourishment in the near future.
  • Did Margate leadership do everything possible to defend the rights of local margatians?
  • Does the Army corp get paid based on cubit ft of sand pumped? Not on the effectiveness of the project?

Glenn Klotz… Margate Citizens Question the Dune Project

2 thoughts on “Glenn Klotz Talks Margate Dune, Beach and Outfall Deal for 2018”



    Margate resident ( ex.- single term Margate City Commissioner) and GOP candidate for the NJ Assembly this fall Brenda Taube isn’t a very good fit for the job, to say the least.

    You see Brenda Taube doesn’t really care very much about what the voters want. She showed that to everyone in Margate in fall 2013 and fall 2014 when Margate held two referendums asking the voters whether they wanted to join the Federal Beach Project and then having said NO resoundingly ( 65 % to 35%) in fall 2013 voted once again in fall 2014 for whether the City should fund a legal challenge against the State if necessary when the time came.

    Brenda was FOR Governor Christie’s imposing the Project on us against the will of the local voters in fall 2013! Then she doubled down in 2014 and was against allowing the community to mount a legal challenge to the forcible imposition of it over the will of Margate’s residents. If you want a leader in Trenton who will IGNORE you repeatedly than vote for Brenda she’s damn good at it.

    I had no particular beef with Chris Brown till he showed really bad judgment by putting Brenda on his ticket.

    If he thinks she’s what the community needs in So. Jersey a politician that serially ignores the will of her own constituents. I’d think twice about voting for him as well.


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