Go Pound Sand DEP. Your Beach Dune Rationale is Shallow & Shady.

Tell your bosses at the DEP to go pound sand, Larry.

The state of NJ believes it’s essential to protecting lives and property? That’s what NJ state DEP spokesman Larry Hajna says.

The dopey Dune project in Margate & Ventnor will move forward as planned? Don’t be so sure about that.

Hajna & the DEP are full of it. Protect lives & property? Get real Larry. Dunes are nothing more than a way to spend our money on stuff that will never last.

Wanna protect property from flooding? Go fix the problem in our back bays.

“We’re going to minimize the impact as much as possible and do the project in 1,000-foot sections,” Hajna said.

Baloney Larry.

Who’s gonna plant a beach chair next to that mess? We KNOW this type of work would disrupt at least 2,000 ft of our beach at a time. That’s a conservative number too.

And let’s not even talk about the dirty water you’re gonna stir up….that’s going to spread out along our shore…for miles. Your DEP will create an environmental mess. Your not protecting anything but that pile of cash that Congressman LoBiondo can’t wait to spend.

The State of New Jersey says the start date isn’t negotiable. Really? Everything is negotiable Larry. You may need to re-read Art Of The Deal.