Growing Popularity of Ventnor Pickleball; Beach Paddle Battle

Ventnor Pickleball

Over the past few years, Ventnor has become well-known as a pickleball town; a friendly place to play, socialize, and have fun by the beach.

Perfect location and a welcoming group of players, many of whom are always ready to help those just getting started.

With this success, the number of pickleball players keeps growing. It’s becoming more obvious each year, that Ventnor needs to make some recreation adjustments.

There’s not enough pickleball courts to meet growing demand. Tennis courts often sit empty.

Many have noticed the decline in Ventnor tennis activity at the courts located at 5600 Atlantic Ave.

Ventnor Pickleball
Empty Tennis. Busy Pickleball.

Will Ventnor City Hall convert another rarely used tennis court into 4 pickleball courts?

Cost likely not an issue. Fairly inexpensive to convert one tennis court into 4 pickleball courts.

The city has already built a new access door between the 6 pickleball courts and the 5 tennis courts.

Pickleball. The fun game with the goofy name.

Ventnor Pickleball Paddle Battle

Debut of the pickleball tournament called: Ventnor Beach Paddle Battle. June 10, 11, 12, 2022.

Three big days of friendly competition, food and fun. Register now at

To date, the Ventnor Beach Paddle Battle has attracted over 200 registered players.

A large group of sponsors have also stepped up to support the Ventnor Beach Paddle Battle event:

  • Sapore & Aroma Restaurants
  • Strive Physical Therapy
  • Giovanni’s Pizza
  • Ron Lapides Interiors
  • Isabella’s Ventnor Cafe
  • Orozco Orthopedic
  • Barista’s Coffee House
  • David Lieberman Insurance
  • Il Pastaio
  • Hafetz & Associates
  • Performance Pickleball
  • Michael Kavky Financial
  • Eisel Gilbert Gray Wealth Management

Ventnor Considers Pickleball Expansion

13 thoughts on “Growing Popularity of Ventnor Pickleball; Beach Paddle Battle”

  1. Summer is a time that is enjoyed by tennis players, both young and old. Tennis courts in Ventnor on the boardwalk should be shared by both tennis and pickleball players.

    Seniors should not usurp ALL the courts for pickleball but permit tennis to be played as a viable sport still enjoyed by many.

    My grandchildren should have a place to play tennis and enjoy the competitiveness of this game during the summer months.

    1. Marc Weisberg

      Tennis courts are mostly empty, most days and afternoons. Each summer there seems to be less and less tennis players.

  2. What about converting the former Golf Driving Range by Lafayette Avenue School
    into either tennis or Picket Ball Courts ?

  3. Pickleball is the fastest growing sport that encompasses all ages. Many schools starting at the elementary level have now added Pickleball to their phys ed programs.Some have already started varsity programs.

    Young people have taken over the pro pickleball tournament circuits. So Pickleball is now become a sport that appeals to all ages and all groups in the community.

    The number of pickle ball players in our community has grown exponentially and the number of tennis players is continuously dwindling.

    It seems only fair that at the least the amount of court space available in Ventnor should be split 50-50. With that in mind, at least four of the tennis courts should be turned into dedicated pickle ball courts.

    So far only two tennis courts have been re-purposed for pickleball. Our changing and thriving community is paralleling the growth of pickleball as an all inclusive family friendly as well as competitive recreational opportunity that appeals to all not just a few.

    Pickle ball and tennis or both, are here to stay, but we must use our limited space and resources to meet the needs of the largest number of participants getting at least the same amount of recreational space as the small number of tennis players.

    Pickleball in our community must be given at the least equal consideration as tennis.

    1. Jeffrey Meyers

      It would be wrong to eliminate more tennis courts in Ventnor where there are presently more pickle ball courts than tennis courts. If you think you need more courts, there are numerous places they could be built without further infringing any further on the tennis community.

      There is plenty of interest in tennis, but it is a wider demographic with less time on their hands to proselytize and turn their sport into a cause.

      Unlike pickle ball, tennis etiquette encourages players to appear at the courts when it is their time to play, not all at the same time. It is misleading to suggest that hordes of pickle ball players milling around awaiting a game indicates that there is lack of interest in tennis. The tennis courts in Ventnor, Margate and Longport are in full use Memorial Day through Labor Day , a period when it is often difficult to get morning court time. The courts are also used regularly in May and September.

  4. Looking for a group of beginners there to have fun. How do I get on something like a team reach?? Will b in Ventnor starting June 1st and would love to play and laugh

  5. By way of background, I have had a home on the Island since 1990, and resided in Ventnor with my wife since 1996.

    I am glad that pickle ball players have found a sport that they love and are able to play. However, it appeals to primarily an older demographic, and despite what the pickle ball advocates would have you believe, it should be vowed for what it is, just an activity, not a social cause .

    Tennis, like pickle ball, is in a growth spurt, to some extent linked to the pandemic.

    Unlike pickle ball, it is a game with 150+ years of tradition, played recreationally, as well as competitively at the high school, college, and pro level. It is also an Olympic sport, but like golf, the four major yearly tennis tournaments are more significant to the sport and sports fans.

    The US Open played over a two week period every year at the US national tennis center in NYC, is one of the most popular amd well attended sports events in the world.

    I am an avid tennis player who has played and continues to play tennis on the Ventnor courts since my arrival in 1990. There were 7 well maintained courts from 1990 until around 2017. All 7 courts were regularly used, and it was difficult to get an open court and/or make a reservation on summer weekends.

    A few years ago pickle ball courts were installed on one tennis court (court 7). A year later pickle ball courts were installed on a second court (court 6). A year later the tennis practice wall was removed and replaced with another pickle ball court.

    I take no issue with those decisions. I understand that there is a demographic that plays pickle ball, and that some might live and vote in Ventnor.

    Last year tennis court 5 had lines for two pickle ball courts drawn upon it and a portable pickle ball net. This is now not a court that a tennis player would enjoy playing upon.

    The bottom line is that there are only 4 good courts left where there used to be 7 and a practice wall that was usable on both sides.

    Ironically, the courts were just resurfaced last year and were in great shape. Now what is left are not being maintained as well as they should be yet pickle ball is being catered to.

    In my opinion, it was a bad decision to convert tennis court 5 to a portable pickle ball court particularly given all of the accommodations already made to the pickle ball lobby that I describe above.

    It would be worse to make that a permanent situation.

    Margate has 6 well maintained tennis courts with their residents given preference. Ventnor now has only 4 courts that are open to anybody with Ventnor residents getting no preference.

    As a full time voting resident of Ventnor, I propose the following:

    1. Change court 5 back to a tennis court by removing the pickle ball lines.

    2. Put the same effort into maintaining the remaining 5 tennis courts that is being put into pickle ball.

    3. Institute the reservation system that has been used in Margate for years. (As I mentioned, they have 6 well maintained courts to our 5). Only full time Ventnor residents should be able to reserve court time a week to 4 days ahead of time. (A drivers license or utility bill can be used as an id, after which a tennis card id can be issued).

    Non full-time residents and residents can reserve time 3 -2 days ahead and on the day they wish to play.

    1. You’re seriously citing 4 major tennis tournaments around the world, and the popularity of the US Open as an event as the sightesr bit relevant to demand for tennis versus pickleball courts ? Using that irrelevant comparison, you’d never have a baseball field anywhere becuase if global popularity of soccer.

      Facts are facts. The demand for pickleball courts and its dramatic rise in popularity dwarfs the at best stagnant demand for tennis. We get it, you’re a long time tennis player. But your snobbery about the game versus pickleball and those who play it is astounding.

      1. The USTA which encompasses the recreational game is active in every state and is far larger, older, and more prestigious than any pickle ball group. As I said, glad you found a sport you can play and like , but don’t infringe any further on the long established tennis community and the remaining Ventnor tennis courts. Pickle ball is just one of many paddle sports, it is not a “cause” or a sport that needs proselytizing.

        1. Who gives a darn about prestige? I play both, but you’re really coming off like an elitist and a snob. Any stats you’d like to cite on comparative popularity and growth in the different sports? Other than you absurd and irrelevant reference to major tournaments? Of course not, because there are none that show anything comparable. There is and should be a place for both at the shore, but your claims of pickleball players showing up late and tennis players being on time are as laughable as they are exaggerated. Get over yourself.

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