Growing Support for a Ventnor Business Association

Brenda Dowd & Ventnor Commissioner Landgraf
Ventnor Commissioner Landgraf in Attendance.

Small business is taking another crack at managing a successful Ventnor Business Association. Previous attempts have fallen flat.

As a follow up to last week’s breakfast meeting at Northbeach Cafe & Creamery, about 75 Ventnor business entrepreneurs met at Santucci’s on Wednesday night Nov 17.

How do we boost business? How do we increase commercial and retail appeal of Ventnor?

Support continues to grow.

Michael Chiat of the Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce was guest speaker, along with Ventnor Commissioners Landgraf and Kriebel.

Dowd: Vital to identify and achieve a small win before start of Summer 2022.

  • Develop mission statement with clearly stated goals.
  • Design, print and distribute Ventnor business map.
  • How to fund effort?
  • City of Ventnor not likely to provide financial support, but willing to assist in other ways.
  • Would nominal business tax/levy/fee on all Ventnor business make sense?
  • Prioritize objectives.
  • Appoint committee leadership.
  • Volunteers needed.

Attendees included: Downbeach Home Repair, Heist Insurance, Apex Prime Realty, Farley & Ferry Real Estate, NJ Lifestyle Magazine, Sparkable Agency, Margate Business Association and a bunch of people talking about pickleball.

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