Hansen Sober-Living Meeting with Atlantic City Zoning Board

Watch Video Clips from July 13, 2021

Looks like Atlantic City’s Zoning Board fumbled a very important meeting by not investing in adequate online meeting software.

It was a special, zoning board session regarding Hansen Foundation’s Sober-Living expansion into the Lower Chelsea neighborhood of Atlantic City.

Hansen House attorney, Keith Davis, went before the Atlantic City Zoning Board on Tuesday, July 13 at 10a via Zoom. It wasn’t pretty.

Hansen Atty, Keith Davis

Meeting had a full house of online attendees: 100. Many more were locked out, so they decided to reschedule.

Anthony Brower is the Atlantic City Zoning Board Chairman. Observers believe Brower should have taken this meeting more seriously. Some want him to step down.

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WOND RADIO: Hansen House Sober Living
Hansen Sober Living Real Estate Development

Jennifer Hansen of Hansen House, is also Ole Hansen’s, Director of Real Estate Development.

Solicitor John Scott Abbott represents the Atlantic City Zoning Board.

Abbott: AC Zoning Board Atty.

13 thoughts on “Hansen Sober-Living Meeting with Atlantic City Zoning Board”

  1. Join the next meeting and help get Hansen out of the community (Ventnor and AC). Show them they are no longer welcomed!

  2. Atlantic county tax payer

    These Hansen locations are trying for “nonprofit” status! The result would mean that these properties would be exempt from paying local and state property taxes.

    As real estate prices continue to rise, so would these Hansen properties. In the future these tax payer subsidized properties could be sold for profits that were earned on the backs of local tax payers.

    In addition the Hansen’s would probably take current tax depreciations on the same properties resulting in zero income taxes being paid.

    Sober living may just benefit some people that would benefit from living in them, but by far the biggest benefits would be to the Hansens!

  3. How much money do the Hansen’s need! If you look into their background, I don’t think they pay any taxes at all.. or very little!

    Besides, they’ll be raising the Margate Bridge toll soon, once gas prices go past $3.50 a gallon!

    Nothing like being GREEDY! Look into what those Halfway-Houses make off the addicts and NJ state!

  4. Dry up their bank account. Stop using Margate bridge and use Longport bridge instead. That will get the family’s attention.

  5. Gretchen Prince

    As a citizen of Atlantic City, I’m imploring all residents to attend the newly scheduled zoom meeting July 22nd at 10am.

    I live next to a sober living home and it has been nothing but major trouble.

    The last 2 years, constant police calls because of in-house fighting a resident harassing other neighbors, resulting in a resident burning down the house.

    No one wants these residents in our neighborhoods. We all must show up to prevent this from destroying the historic Chelsea district of AC.

  6. If number of crossings goes down by 25%, they will raise toll by 50 cents. If traffic volume goes down 50%, they will raise it a dollar.

    While well intended, your idea won’t work. People won’t choose to be inconvenienced for comparatively little savings. Especially second homeowners or tourists.

  7. Makes no sense for the neighborhood to allow a group home there.
    The days of nobody caring are over in Lower Chelsea. We need another strong opposition turnout at the next meeting.

  8. concerened resident

    If more than 1,000 people attempt to join the hearing on July 27, they won’t be allowed to vote on Hansen’s application for a variance, and will have to postpone it again.

    Their plan is to use an upgraded zoom that allows up to 1,000 participants.

    Tell your sister, your aunt and uncles, neighbors and friends, everyone with a cell phone or computer, can sign in and jam up this nonsense.

  9. Sober living homes, group homes, boarding homes and halfway houses are destined to destroy the a family neighborhood.

    We don’t want Ventnor and Chelsea to become unsafe and unsavory neighborhoods, like those that make up parts of Atlantic City.

    Sherrie M.

  10. concerned citizen

    Don’t forget, tomorrow, Tuesday July 27th at 10 am is the hearing on Hansen’s application to obtain variances to operate sober living halfway houses in Atlantic City residential neighborhoods. They upgraded their Zoom service to allow up to 1,000 participants. Be a real shame if 1,001 tried signing in, and they couldn’t be heard again. Yeah, that would be a real shame. Tell your friends, neighbors, Aunt Lucy and Uncle Frank, fire up every laptop, tablet, cel phone and computer you can and sign it into the meeting tomorrow morning. We had nearly 200 last time, shouldn’t be hard to boost those numbers up past 1,000.
    Webinar ID: 878 4064 0557

    Passcode: 241930

    One tap mobile :
    US: +13017158592,,87840640557# or +13126266799,,87840640557#

    Or Telephone:
    Dial (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
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    Webinar ID: 878 4064 0557
    Passcode: 241930

  11. Most of these comments truly hurt my heart. Most people are good people who want to help and want the problems or drugs and alcohol abuse to end – which many times leads to crime and homelessness – but no one wants the facilities that help to be in their neighborhoods. Nope, put it in someone else’s neighborhood. Where is the love and compassion people. If more people got involved with these organizations to help maybe there wouldn’t be as many problems in these homes (that people are positing about). As far as people posting about it not being fair that they would be a nonprofit and therefore not pay taxes…shame on you all. If more people would volunteer their time and services to nonprofit organizations who deal with community issues like sobriety homes, homelessness, food banks and such, maybe they would have a better understanding of the issues these nonprofits face and their hearts would be unlocked. God bless all of you. I pray the Lord will come into your hearts and provide you with compassion for your fellow human.

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