Hansen Targets Ventnor for More Sober Living Homes

Jennifer Hansen just added to her Ventnor Real Estate portfolio. WATCH VIDEO. It’s a property on Nashville Ave that’ll soon be converted into yet another ‘sober-living’ home.

Watch Video: Ventnor Commissioner Meeting from SEPT 10.

Ventnor currently has about 25 sober-living homes. Various owners. Some of these properties are side by side. 3 in a row. A growing number are on Ventnor beach blocks.

Ventnor Commissioner Lance Landgraf: Now, there are 24 or 25 sober-living homes in Ventnor. An over-abundance in our community. It’s not fair to taxpaying residents of Ventnor

Hansen Foundation founder, Jennifer Hansen, also owns & runs Enlightened Cafe in Ventnor.

Jennifer Hansen Ventnor Sober Living Heroin

Hansen buying spree fuels growth of sober-living Real Estate along South Jersey shore.

The Hansen family is well known for their ownership of the ‘Downbeach Express’ toll road into Margate.

Commissioner Landgraf strongly suggests that everyone call Senator Chris Brown and Assemblymen Mazzeo & Armato.

Landgraf: We need laws changed. These homes need to be limited like liquor licences. Based on population. Just like rooming houses. Having this many sober living facilities is ruining neighborhoods

In some neighborhoods, there are now 3 (sober living) houses in a row. This is not an acceptable form of development, says Landgraf. This is something that will set our community back. I’m not going to take it lying down. We’re being taken advantage of.

I think it’s unfair. She (Jennifer Hansen) is targeting Ventnor.

Commissioner Landgraf

Landgraf alleges Hansen House is exploiting a loophole to get these facilities. They don’t comply with NJ State standard, under the Oxford House model.

DCA (NJ State) sued them. That case not yet settled.

Oxford House. Recovering addicts rent homes to live together. Each house is self-run, manages its own finances and has its own bank account. No random testing for alcohol or drug use. No curfews. Recovering individual can stay for as long as they don’t drink alcohol or use drugs, and pays equal share of house expenses. Average stay is about a year. Many residents stay 3 or more years. 78% of Oxford House residents have served jail time. 

VIDEO: Hansen in Atlantic City

According to Hansen Foundation website: Jennifer Hansen is a recovering addict. Years ago, she lived on the streets with a $300 per day heroin habit.

After several attempts at rehabilitation, Hansen participated in 12-step recovery before returning to New Jersey. In 2001, she formed Hansen Foundation.

Since then, Hansen opened over 180 beds for those seeking recovery.

43 thoughts on “Hansen Targets Ventnor for More Sober Living Homes”

  1. Downbeach Express needs to go

    Hansens gouge Margate residents with constant bridge toll increases. One of few remaining private toll bridges in the US and likely most profitable one.

    Jennifer Hansen was born into unfathomable wealth. Blows her trust fund on heroin and then starts this foundation, which is admirable.

    But Hansens have enough wealth to buy property somewhere else for these sober houses. Go buy a couple hundred acres somewhere and house them there, not near kids.

    Because like it or not, they destroy property values. While they’re at it, they should turn over bridge to Margate so taxpayers can benefit, instead of having to pay just to get to Northfield.

  2. Ventnor get on your representatives and zoning board to try and stop this. All residents don’t pay the ridiculous $2 toll to use that bridge.

  3. Hansens are advertising 180 acres of available properties on their website. Why not build sober houses there? Or use their privately owned hidden creek country club as a site? Because they don’t want these people in their community. They want to put them in yours.

    Jennifer Hansen is the poster child for why generational wealth is a bad thing. Born a millionaire,never has to work and just does drugs. Then plays Mother Theresa. Never considering impact on working class people – whose comparatively tiny personal wealth is tied to their properties – properties whose value she destroys by putting these homes next door to.

    Let me know when she puts up a sober living home next door to her mansion.

    1. AGAIN, with the “” THESE PEOPLE” Are the home’s being destroyed? Is the area in DANGER or higher CRIME?

      I’ve heard nothing about anything of the sort. So maybe we can just be HUMAN BEINGS ????????

    2. They don’t even own Hidden Creek anymore. Do your homework. It makes you sound ignorant. Jenn Hansen is one the hardest working people I have ever met. She truly cares about each and every patient and wants them all to recover. It is really not about money, it is about fixing what is wrong in this world. And while her home is very nice, it is far from a “mansion”. It’s easy to lash out until it is your child, your sibling, your spouse or your parent. Then you will hope and pray that there are people like Jenn…..there to help them get back on their feet.

  4. Our country, the USA, has continued to ignore the blight and cost that drug and alcohol addiction has imposed upon this country and it’s individual citizens for the past 100 years. This neglect has continuously increased rates of addiction, failure to treat mental disorders, ever increasing homelessness, and suppression of the fact that a majority of those directly affected are United States of America Veterans.

    Choose to banish these brave individuals who are working for nothing but a second shot at life, under very strict monitoring and protocols, at your own peril. Those who say ‘NOT IN MY BACK YARD’ may also comprise those who don’t want their tax dollars spent to remediate addiction and improve the mental health of their fellow citizens.

    Must they then also handicap other citizens of means who wish to donate their money to improve the lot of others? Wake the hell up, give a damn about your fellow Americans, and find tolerance in your heart before this whole USA experiment crumbles and disappears.

    OR: Let those among you who are without sin continue to cast stones.

    1. Very well said. My very dear best friend lost a son to addiction and it has brought awareness close to me. Too many people do not realize that this is a disease and many are normal people like you and I seeking help. Don’t turn your back.

  5. What is so scary about sober living homes? Isn’t it wonderful that these homes are not filled with folks who are destroying themselves out of self hate?

    Isn’t it wonderful that these homes are filled with people that are trying to change themselves by loving themselves? Isn’t it an act of love to have a town that embraces people who are dedicated to finding their inner light and to becoming better version of themselves?

    I recently purchased a home in Ventnor and one of the things that attracted me was that this is happening in Ventnor. Can’t we love everyone?

      1. They are sober. They are tested regularly and are immediately kicked out if they don’t pass. If you sit outside of one of their homes you’ll probably see people going to and from work, the grocery store and meetings.

        You may also see a group of people gathered together on the porch laughing and enjoying life sober. On any given day on any given street there is probably someone struggling with active addiction and alcoholism and THEY are not sober. In the sober houses they are.

  6. Last year Hansen purchased a beautiful big single family home on my street, Tallahassee. The home was sold as a single family but really is a business of leasing as group home.

    The new owners definitely decreased property values. There were lots of people “hanging out” on the porch, being very loud, til all hours.

    As a realtor with Keller Williams, last summer I had two buyers refuse to make offers on the homes on Tallahassee Avenue only because they feared the sober living residents could be a threat to their young children.

    As a realtor, I ask my fellow realtors to steer Hansen away from Ventnor and the Lower Chelsea safe Neighborhoods. I ask city inspectors to be strict in the number of renters permitted in a single family home.

  7. I’m curious to know why Jen doesn’t put any sober living on Bayshore Dr where she lives or even one in Margate. Seems like Ventnor is the worst place to go where one could easily walk into AC and be tempted to buy drugs.

  8. Enough already. Just stop. You are ruining our town. No small town needs 25 Sober living homes.

    This is not a large city with a booming economy. Jobs here are scarce, and how are people in recovery suppose to find jobs in this area?

    Sounds like a recipe to set up those in recovery for failure and keeps them in these “Sober” living homes. Which keeps the money coming in for the Hansen’s.

    And do you really think that this is a NOT for Profit business????

    1. The houses are not tax exempt. They do not add children to the school system increasing your tax burden.

      The occupancy learn and practice “mindfulness/humility which many 2nd family visitors could use. Occupancy are required to get jobs as a condition of living in the houses. They support local businesses all year long; therefore there are stores for seasonal residents open when they come for their 6 weeks out of the Year.

      As far as criminal records, most were possession charges stemming from their previous active addiction.

      I can’t believe you gave this guy a platform to rant. His privilege reeks throughout this piece.

      1. Speaking of tax burden and the school, our city collects taxes from summer residents year round? Let’s start looking into what each City is spending per child in school.

        ???? WHY every other city administration had to take FURLOUGH days, but VENTNOR didn’t. ????????

  9. I spoke with Commissioner Landgraf several months ago regarding the sober living homes in our town. He gave me phone numbers and addresses of both Senator Brown and Assemblymen Mazzeo.

    My neighbors as well as myself tried contacting them. NO ONE GOT A RESPONSE, no matter how many attempts were made. This is insanity that our voices cannot be heard.

    Ventnor is being over-run with these facilities and it appears that nothing can be done. In addition, does anyone think that communal living is good idea particularly during the Covid-19 crisis?

    Kids can’t go back to school, yet Hansen can have as many people who are unrelated living under one roof.

  10. I am curious where this number of sober living homes (25) came from. I do not believe this information is accurate. As a social worker that serves individuals with substance use disorders, I can count 13 sober living homes with various operators, far less than the reported 25. Several recovery homes in ventnor have closed in recent years.

    1. I’m under the impression that sober living homes are monitored. If any resident is no longer sober, they won’t be able to remain in the residence.

      If my information is correct, these homes shouldn’t present any problems for neighbors. Many who live in their own home or their parents home, are actively using drugs and/or alcohol and are creating problems in their neighborhoods without the benefit of regulations and supervision.

  11. In response to Harriette, it is my understanding from Commissioner Lance Landgraf that the Oxford House living facilities are NOT monitored in any way, although the Hansen House has some sort of in-house supervision. The qualifications/credentials of those supervising is unknown.

    1. They are monitored and drug tested regularly. Jenn does this whether it is the law or not. She actually cares about her residents and wants them to succeed. But, if they fail a test or miss curfews, they are out. No tolerance when it comes to failed drug tests, as it should be.

  12. It’s for big profit and definitely is a negative impact on community. Just go observe Enlighten Cafe and outside these homes. Nothing good about it!

    $$$$$. The rich can do what they desire. It’s not how good you are, but how much $ you have and who you know. It’s all BS.

    Go spread them out through-out the mainland, not all concentrated in a small beach community. And needless to say, they are buying beach block…..????

  13. Hats off to Jennifer Hansen and all of the sober living members of our community. You ALL are doing THE LIVING GODS WILL AND ONLY THE LIVING GOD CAN CAUSE PROSPERITY. AND GROWTH…THANKYOU

  14. Rather than people being jealous of someone’s wealth, we should be Thankful that there are generous people in our community who are taking a stand to help those human beings less fortunate.

    Addiction is a major disease like diabetes or cancer that affects the brain. I applaud the Hansens for what they contribute to assist those in recovery. I lost my son to addiction as well as other hundreds of thousands of families the last few years.

    Those opposed should be ashamed of themselves as one never knows whether one of their relatives or loved ones will suffer from addiction. It just happens. Bring awareness, education and prevention as opposed to dissent.

    1. I think many of you have missed the point. No one is saying that there should not be sober living houses in Ventnor, just that over 25 homes in such a small town is too many for one area. And that no more should be opened in Ventnor.

  15. When we bought our condo, it was beach block and there was a Sober House next door. It was a female Sober house that went to males over the winter when all or most owners were not present.

    I actually work in the prison/ re-entry field and 25 Sober houses is enough for one community.

    The Sober house next to me has been fine, but that doesn’t mean one day a big problem will not occur.

    Lastly, Ventnor should also ask the state for help in understanding how these homes work and how much supervision occurs.

    We all want to help others but there must be regulations so tragedy doesn’t happen to families living near.

  16. Why does Ventnor need to be recovery central? Perhaps for every house they have, they should have to make donations to the community the houses are in. Contribute to the community their residents live in.

    Michelle Dorothy

  17. Reason they’re not in Margate or Longport, Hansen can’t buy real estate cheap there and make it profitable business.

    Ventnor is ripe for Hansen to buy real estate cheap, get an income, and wait it out til they can make the big money.

    Alan Ehrlich.

  18. This is very big story that Press of AC ignores. Reporter Lobiondo ignores this story too. I guess they’re OK with Hansen ignoring local zoning rules and hurting local economy. Not surprised.

  19. ventnor city government won’t draft any legislation to curb all the air b&bs.

    the sober houses are paying taxes to the city that can help pay for the fulton ave fiasco flood zone. what a disgrace.

  20. Enough with these Sober Houses in Ventnor! Is it below Margate to have them there? Seriously, stop it now! No more! We are not happy about this issue.

  21. I work for Enlightened Solutions and many have asked for help for their family members from me within the community of Ventnor. I hope this doesn’t plague any of your family members or close friends and you one day need this service which won’t be there. Jenn also does not own 25 sober living homes and is being targeted for the entire community.

    Hopefully we can get Oxford to defend themselves as well. The homes also keep crime rate in the town down unless everyone wants them to be out using and then really robbing them. And also, Wawa has many overdoses a week but you take your kids in there for donuts and candy. It’s everywhere guys wake up ????

  22. Ventnor has had enough of Jennifer Hansen. Even people in Margate are whispering about her and what she is doing to ruin Ventnor. But she doesn’t seem to care. Her goal seems to be to use sober living homes as a way to amass a big real estate portfolio – regardless how it effects others.

    Ventnor city officials suggest contacting our state representatives and expressing your concerns:

    Senator Chris Brown
    [email protected]

    Assemblyman Mazzeo
    [email protected]

    Assemblyman Armato
    [email protected]

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